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All that remains is.... hope.

[Oblivion] Pandora's Box 0.2
July 31, 2019
CyberRun is an adult-oriented, RP-enforced cyberpunk game. It has an all original setting and entirely custom codebase.

July 22, 2019
Medina is an easy going & easy to learn MUD. 1st MUD full translated to Spanish (some content in Catalan). Loyal to the spirit of its founding in 1995. Good dealing with players.

[Merc] 2.2
July 09, 2019
O primeiro e ainda existente Mundo Virtual PortuguÍs...

[Unknown] Mamnuts
July 08, 2019
World of Extant is a fantasy roleplaying game based on an original design! We are new and excited to share in a the collaborative story-writing experience through roleplaying!

June 23, 2019
Original codebase from 2001! Looking for old school players!

June 04, 2019
Infinite adventure, decades of custom development, totally free, no pwipes!

[Dikumud] Original / HEAVILY modifi
August 12, 2019
United Heroes MUSH is an online text based social medium set in the near future of 2026. It is a world much like our own, but with some key differences, both...

August 10, 2019
Join David and his mighty men!!

[Custom] C++
August 07, 2019
The realm of Tirradyn has been an active and role-play intensive wonder of words for folks from every lifestyle to participate in shaping the society in a variety of ways since...

[Dawn] Very Modified
August 04, 2019
Dragon Ball New Universe is a DragonBall MUD undergoing a new wave of changes to become a more unique and engaging...

[Smaug] Dbsaga, Dbr, dbna2, dbnu.1.
July 23, 2019
An eclectic frisson of a game

[LP] LD Mud driver
July 17, 2019
The three beats of war, peace, and revolution never change.

[Unknown] ARES
July 15, 2019
Faerun: A Forgotten Realms MUD, also known as FRMUD, is a role play: medium enforced MUD set in the western region of post-spellplague and post-sundering Faerun.

[TBA] Based off LuminariMUD Code: P
July 12, 2019

[Circlemud] LexiMUD
July 12, 2019
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Asteria -- Mud Review posted by Celse
Posted on Tue 06 Aug 2019 03:25:38 AM MST / 1 comment
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As of current (July 2019) the MUD are fairly new and rapidly growing, usually seen 2-3 new players everyday with players fluctuate from 0-15 on peek hours.

<> Game Mechanics:

*Character progression: are levels and skills based system. You gain 1 skill point everytime you level up for a total of 100 skill points. These points can be spend to mix and match however you want with 12 different skills allows you ultimate freedom in character building. Ability are specials you can use while Skill gives you new abilities and increase their performace. Each skill have a cap of 20, after certain ranks in skill you gain a new ability, at rank 20 you gain the signature ability for that skill.

*The combat: are Balance based. After you attack or use ability you will become Unbalanced (cooldown) and cannot do anything else until you are Balanced again. Unbalanced time are usually between 1-5 seconds depends on your weapon type or character build. The pace of combat are fast enough so you never get bored and slow enough to allows human interaction.

*Balance of builds: (Almost) Perfectly balanced as all things should be. A common problem all RPG game must face and they are doing a very good job at it. "What are the worst build?" are our inside joke because there are no such thing, all builds are playable so it all come down to which one do you like instead of which one are most powerful.

<> Feature sets:

*Detailed world: Rooms description are detaily described, writing are great, a lot of interactive contents in the game and minimal typos.

*Immersion and Roleplay: are very encouraged but not enforced. All game contents are designed and polished to promote roleplay and immersion, there are world chat channel for OOC while everything else are IC.

*Guilds: There are 4 guilds allows you to further customize your character with general theme of Wizard, Druid, Assassin, Army. This doesn't mean you cannot play a wizard in Army or Assassin, or play an assassin in Wizard or Army, nothing are restricted and they are all designed to cater for all playstyle/build. Beside from abilities you gain from guild, they are also main Roleplay platform with guild title can only be gain through roleplay, those titles are purely bragging rights and have zero practical impact.

*Craft: are customized and lite system currently, with plans to expand it further in future. For now you won't found advanced recipe requires 20 different parts and dozens of each parts to craft an epic item, but more like foraging components to brew consumable potion, color mix for scribing spell scrolls etc

*Exploration: Go hand in hand with your character progression, you will never get bored with a bunch of different dungeons with secrets and lores for each of them and a real boss fight in the end, not just a bigger monster.

*Quest: Prepare for the Quest-aholic syndrome with over 1000 quests, some belong to a questline, most are kill/collect/find items quest. Best thing? They are not enforced! and rewards boost your character progression a lot.

*Grind: There are endless grind, but skill points cap are lv100. Take about 1-2 months if you are active to reach lv100. That to me are good grind:reward ratio and I enjoy it.

*Standardized UI: Near zero weird syntaxes because everything are hinted, standardized to waste you zero time to figure out the right combination of letters while playing RPG. All important info such as room name/exits, NPCs, quest, items are all colored. If you have tendency to play on mobile, worry not for Asteria are mobile friendly! With Blowtorch and MUDRammer you can play this MUD almost as good as PC client, no extensive scripts are required.

<> The Community:

*Staffs: are very friendly, keen on players inputs and allows players to develop the game along side with them through ideas. Several of my ideas has already been implemented. Within 2.5 years 2 devs built a MUD with ~15000 rooms and expanding, featuring polished contents and in-depth mechanics are definitely an impressive feat for me. All game mechanic are transparent so there are close to none differences in this regard between experienced and new players. If you don't know something, ask!

*Players: Very friendly and helpful towards newplayers, most are very keen on roleplay.

<> Downside:

All in all, the biggest downside is that the game is still in development, as much as devs may try, 2 persons can only get you so far, there are much rooms to grow and your ideas are important! Asteria also lack map so only way to know your way around is to get throroughly lost several times, luckily home recall are common here. lol

I've got hooked on the game for 2 weeks so there are a lot of praise as you can see but I tried to make this as close to what I experienced as possible. Thank you for spending your time and read my long review, hope you enjoy it and give the game a try! :)

Comment posted on Tue 06 Aug 2019 03:25:38 AM MST by Celse:

Edit: I wrote 12 skills for mix and match above, this is a typo, the number are 22 skills not 12 skills.

The Gathering... -- Mud Review posted by Breeki
Posted on Sun 04 Aug 2019 06:46:20 PM MST / 0 comments
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TL;DR - Players write reviews when angry. Don't let angry players keep you from experiencing something that could be wonderful. Give this mud a shot, what do you have to lose other than a few minutes of your time? Who knows, those few minutes could turn into years of fun like it has for me.

First and foremost, I'm not going to hide behind a veil of anonymity to badmouth a mud that I've been playing. I am going to be as honest as I can with the knowledge I've gained over the years -- of staff, of players, of the mud in general, and even of the code. My character is Breeki, the overgrown lizard and lover of cats, and I first created this character back in 2013 but knew of The Gathering (or simply TG) for years, back in its overtly-sexual-anything-goes heyday and the weight that the name carried with it. I had that itch to mud, an itch that comes and goes with time, and the mud I played on before was dead. Needless to say, I took the plunge and created a character (Breeki) who I originally thought was going to be a feline judging by the most briefest helpfile I skimmed on the race. I was wrong as it turned out the race I glanced at, Jalachara, was actually quite reptilian in origin. No matter, I liked the name and the stats I rolled so I rolled with those punches. I'm glad I did because this mud shows the love and care that the staff and players put into it. In the following review, I want to pick apart a few lines of previous reviews and what they've had to say.

First: The most recent review posted by Anonymous on July 31st, 2019 -- I have a good guess as to who this player is and their reasoning for what they say. They are the type of player who has to always have their way and it absolutely must be their way or the highway. They do not take criticism in any form and expect to always have the advantage and complaining tirelessly if they don't. What many don't seem to understand is that, though TG's roleplay-stat system is based on DnD (Dungeons and Dragons) the two are completely different and take different stats/points into account. This player, however, creates 'fixes' for skills/spells based on their own wants and desires to make their character stronger/more effective than taking game balance in consideration. In essence, what works in/for DnD does not often work in/for TG. For someone who claims to want to help the mud and promote it, this player is often at ends with both the staff and players by insulting them on and off the mud. They are, effectively, a large part of the 'toxicity' which they claim the mud has. All muds have their good, their bad, and their ugly. It's just all in how you view it and if you're a stubborn, ignorant little person, then you're only going to find the bad and ugly.

Second: Vella is a sweetheart of a player who it pained quite a few to see her leave and her review, though brief, was quite thorough. Her quitting TG and subsequent review marked a day where the staff realized they had problems and it was time to wake up. The main issue addressed was the staff had gone through and revamped a whole slew of the rules and enforce them. Before, yes, there were many players, such as the one in review in the previous paragraph, who bent the rules and lawyered their way out of trouble or simply claimed ignorance or alcohol for their tempermental tantrums. The imms would often do little about it and the situation wouldn't really resolve itself and, like an unruly and untrained dog, actions weren't taken to change those behaviors. But now things have changed. Problem players are being jailed as rules are being enforced -- thrown in time-out for their actions that, if they don't change their ways, will result in a ban. Players that share an IP, such as roommates, will not be able to hide behind a "you can't ban me since you'll ban them as well" as there are commands to permit some to play from that IP while banning others. As for the sexual/erotic roleplay, it is something that the mud is trying to work on. There are some players who mostly log on for that SRP/ERP and it's something that I don't see too big of a deal since there is no issue with them and they cause no problems. But we have a group of problem players who cause problems and who will hound and harass others for SRP both ICly and OOCly to the point that the victim quits. These players will hound, they will change alts, they will try all sorts of tactics and the biggest problem staff has is this: it goes unreported until a player quits and it comes to light. These are often habitual players -- players who are now going to face repercussions for such actions. Though Vella's review mentioned apathy as the leading cause of being let down, I will say that it's moreso unintentional admin stonewalling. For nearly all the RP lines that players run, it is chiefly up to one or two of the admin to see it through to completion. This is limiting if one or both become busy with life as life takes precedence over anything. Instead, the immortal staff (not just admin) should be able to help these lines come to completion, circumstances depending.

Third: Many good points that I'll agree with at risk of hurting the feelings of others, yet has many points which are untrue or overly biased. Let's go down their list and talk about their points; some answers will be long, others simple. First and absolutely foremost -- yes, TG is an Adult mud even if we do have players who act like children; see the MudConnect category it's in and the very first rule of the rules helpfile. The first and second points, unfortunately, are something that needs to be addressed and something I touched upon in the previous paragraph. There are some staff members who just sit there and do nothing. They have been given a position that they don't utilize, that they don't help process letgains or help newbies or help regular players at all or even provide the helpfiles that some are looking for, and should be stripped of it. There is, without a doubt, an issue of admin controlling RP and players having to wait long durations (sadly, yes, months and longer) for some lines to continue as opposed to complete, taking lines from lower-tier imms who started it because it somewhat relates to something they have run before. While agreeing with that review, I do say that the immortal staff should be able to continue these lines or other lines to aid them in their completion, circumstances depending. There are storylines on TG that span many years and I don't mean IC-years, I mean actual OOC years. Those storylines are worked on by people who put their hearts and souls into this place but find themselves at odds with players because of disagreements with players who resort to snarky remarks and petty tactics when the fights/dice/RP isn't in their favor. Coupled up with some imms who are no more than a bump on a log, I can understand when the admin aren't okay with someone else who knows nothing of the years-long RP to continue a line. But, unfortunately, this stagnation kills both desire to RP something deep and causes players to spend more time off roleplaying in cliques or SRP/ERP'ing. In the next paragraph, we're gonna hammer through the bulleted list.

Yes, there are players who are married with numerous children intertwined in a sort of spiderweb. The staff knows this and they keep an eye on it while curtailing it as best they can. Raising those kids and incest is allowed on TG because such heinous acts happen in real life. Life is not all butterflies and happiness with nuclear families. Actually, a whole lot of different kinds of SRP is allowed but that doesn't mean you have to partake in it nor is it happening right in the open. This player only bases his/her knowledge on assumptions. Helpfiles are out of date: as of writing this, there are ~2400 helpfiles on TG and only a few imms who can change them. Yes, there are going to be helpfiles that are out of date but they're being worked through as best they can given everything else going on. Typos (not typo's), are found all over both IC and OOC. It happens. Only a few imms are able to edit the areas to change the words which involves replacing a whole line along with the colors to fix one word. Get over it. Maps in some areas are MEANT to be confusing such as in a labyrinth or a desert wasteland (yes, there are cold deserts). Just because you think it has no purpose doesn't mean it has none. Are there areas wrongly linked? Of course but those are few and far between. Areas that are closed off and moved HAVE been closed off and moved via roleplay, just like laws that were changed (not retconned) due to roleplay behind closed doors, probably roleplay that said player wasn't part of or had partaken in. The players in the 'spotlight' are often the players who seek out answers and further the RP line and/or are seen as the defacto leader of the group. Just because you're not in the limelight doesn't mean you weren't an important player. Staff will transfer players that ask for it. They always ask on the OOC channel and require verbal confirmation, they don't just randomly transfer players. Staff and Newbie Helpers and even regular players do insult each other and it's moreso lighthearted than any real heat. This can be hard to get across through text, especially so if you're someone unfamiliar with banter or busting each other's balls.

To (finally) conclude my monologue and let you, the reader, rest your eyes, I just want to reiterate that there are going to be good points, bad points, and ugly points to every mud and it's up to you to sift through angry and resentful reviews which overshadow reviews that show off the love or even a sense of neutrality and decide for yourself if you'd like to try this place out. I'm glad I did because it introduced me to people who I've grown to look at OOCly like family and to see that, if you have an idea, it doesn't just get lost to time but the mud's wizard of a coder will do what he can to get it to work, and most of the time he does. So come and try this place out and don't let yourself be intimidated by the vast colors, countless features, or close-knit playerbase. We all have problems, let's work through them together.

The Gathering... -- Mud Review posted by Anonymous
Posted on Sun 04 Aug 2019 03:55:43 PM MST / 1 comment
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As sad as it is for me to say, I must agree with the sentiment of the review below and I will name myself anonymous to remain confidential. I have been playing on The Gathering for many years, and I have felt that the immortals, or at least the major ones, who have been put in charge have either held contempt for some of the players, including myself, or have become mostly apathic. The MUD does have a ton of issues with immortal interaction with the player base, and I have basically moved on from 'I am gonna help promote this place and help them fix things' to basically 'Let them rot', even as an old player. I typically do not enjoy being looked down upon and being spoken to in a disrespectful way when I attempt to push for some change or make fixes that would better the MUD. The talk about wanting people to vote for the MUD on the MUD itself and always improving it, but I just cannot justify recommending this MUD to other players when there are people, both players and staff, which make it feel so toxic and bad to be a part of.

I have tried to help the MUD change for the better for quite some time, but the immortals would prefer to see the MUD and it's system stagnate than to take helpful advice from it's players so that it could improve.

Comment posted on Sun 04 Aug 2019 03:55:43 PM MST by Kedanna:

I believe I know who this poster is, but since they refused to say their name I wouldn't either in case I'm wrong. Some players push for changes in help files, sometimes even completely re-writing them. The only problem with that is that we (the staff) don't always accept that and sometimes players get upset over it. The mud isn't perfect and I've yet to find one that is. Most of our players are awesome and we're very thankful that they've been loyal and stuck it out through the ups and down.

The Gathering... -- Mud Review posted by Vella
Posted on Wed 31 Jul 2019 02:33:26 PM MST / 1 comment
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I considered leaving a more in-depth review after my time spent here, though I find it regretful to admit that it would be very similar to that of the one most recent(Posted December 12, 2018) and almost redundant. So I will add what little I can while acknowledging such when necessary.

††There certainly are people within the playerbase who care deeply about the shared experience offered towards players. Their patience knows no bounds, and they have my utmost respect for carrying on despite those who make it difficult. That being said, their excuses are easy to make with an admittedly small playerbase that has been around for many years, some of them even handed a spot as an Immortal - of which there is a baffling amount with how much work is needed to be done that simply isn't. Immortal responsibilities, as stated in the previous review, are a tangled mess and held back by those absent - my limited experience, and on a completely different MUD mind you, as an Admin(glorified Customer Service in my case) makes this easier to understand and accept, although precautions should have been taken to prevent these problems from growing to the state they're presently in.

††With the aforementioned playercount is the inevitable relaxation of rules or, more accurately, a reluctance to hold people accountable. Again, the other review had mentioned how this more-or-less results in badmouthing other players(not characters) openly across public channels, both former and current with little regard for respect or privacy. I had witnessed this twice, and it did involve the participation of staff. Were this a more private environment it would be expected, but in the presence of new players and with a desperate need for such, it reflects poorly on the community and forms a terrible first impression, not to mention souring the mood for those wanting to abstain from such drama.

††Erotic Roleplay is discussed quite often and, as others have hinted at, is seemingly an obsession of the playerbase. Before accusations are leveled my way, I have no shame in partaking and, as a writer, have done my fair share of oddities for sheer amusement. I don't see it as a problem in and of itself. I see it as a problem when it is a barrier for roleplay, or what entices those to bring new players into the clique. I've witnessed it and also took part myself - offer yourself as a carrot on a stick and you will be brought in and, depending on how open you are, elevated to a more desirable status. Vella was a nobody until I set her to be sexually available, in which I found her pulled into a longstanding storyline that had been and possibly still is on hold and on a first name basis with characters that had otherwise completely ignored her regardless of past roleplay. My perspective had shifted drastically, and not in a good way - it cheapened my views of the MUD and, unfortunately, I had less respect for those who were, In-Character, prominent figures of the community. A possibly uncouth accusation, though the coincidence allows for interpretation.

††This MUD, the stories it holds, the constant additions to its codebase; they're let down by apathy. I wanted to put my heart into my character and forge her destiny, but my attempts failed. I became disappointed. When I did get involved in something important? I didn't feel I'd earned it.

So I quit.

Comment posted on Fri 19 Jul 2019 08:24:02 PM MST by Anonymous:

I found this review to be very informative.

Sindome -- Mud Review posted by Supermarket
Posted on Mon 08 Jul 2019 03:49:01 AM MST / 1 comment
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Update to earlier review - The players in this community should be policed a bit more on their level of toxicity. Staff does a good job and there are still players who don't dogpile and attack people blindly when they don't understand a situation, but the players who do partake in this are the loudest and get their behavior from former examples of equally toxic people.

As an example, I recently declined to tell the community part of the reason I left not long ago, only relaying how my grief was triggered over someone departing suddenly (which can put you through the motions of when you lose someone irl). When I decided to disclose the other part of the story, which was more personal and embarrassing, some players immediately accused me of using a dead person's memory to garner sympathy.

Let's just unpack that for a second. I know some people see that sort of accusation on soap operas, but just.. think about that. You mean to tell me that somebody you talked to and roleplayed with is also someone you immediately will accuse of manipulating their dead *friend* like that? Really? This is the logic you're rolling with?

This didn't stop until that particular thread on SD's forum was deleted. But by then, the people who said this to me hadn't even bothered to apologize, they just kept piling on and attacking until there was no longer a thread for them to post in.

You know who the last person like that was? A person who used to yell at newbies to "FOIC" until others parroted her, someone who bullied people in the ooc channel, and now the spirit of this mean sort of behavior is continuing on. Mean-spirited memes that are meta posted in threads, that admins have to intercede more frequently to put the kibosh on. The meme thread didn't used to be like that. It was about just laughing at general, non-specific things. Now folks are trying to turn it into a circlejerk. That's not what Sindome is supposed to be about.

This isn't going to stop until the community is in real trouble again. Recently it was getting better, everyone pulling their weight to make it so. Please do not undo what has been done. I can't possibly return because it's hard to forgive what was said right now, but in the least I can warn about that.

The question is, do the loudest and worst people in the room want to stop themselves before it's too late?

Comment posted on Mon 08 Jul 2019 03:49:01 AM MST by Kisaki:

I am super sorry you had to live this one. Hopefully, the staff will be more rigorous on some players who think they can do mean stuff because IC, it is a harsh world. I want to believe they will fix that. I am pretty used to mean humans so I am, "Meh, they are not as perfect as me."

I hope you will be back one day, you will be missed. At least, by me.

The Inquisition: Legacy -- Mud Review posted by Toryn
Posted on Sat 06 Jul 2019 02:54:57 PM MST / 0 comments
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This is one of the most amazing mu games I've ever ran into. The code is well written, and done in a very rewarding way, for clever RP, which it both requires, and encourages very well. My top two favorite features of this game are a, how it rewards you xp based on how much time you spend in RP, rather than based on votes, and b, it's advanced identity system, where you can assign a name to anyone you meet, as how your character would remember them.

Haven: Mist and Shadow -- Mud Review posted by Johnny Bananas
Posted on Wed 03 Jul 2019 11:20:00 PM MST / 0 comments
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Haven Nightmares and Secrets. I'm gonna rate a few things and give a breakdown.

[Setting] 6.5/10 Modern "Horror" paranormal.

[Progression] 4/10 Will explain in depth.

[Community] 2/10 There is no sense of the word amongst the pbase. Forums and discord = Rat poison

[(Meta)plot] 3/10 Will explain in depth

[Staff] 1-2/10 will explain in depth.

[Lore] 6/10 The lore is solid and somewhat engaging

So the breakdown. Haven is set in a modern day universe in a small Massachusetts town (Named you guessed it) Which happens to be a crossroads between worlds, where magic is stronger do to "The Gate" which the Societies (games version of factions) fight to control it for their own (usually nafarious). Sounds engaging right? Yes and (but mostly) No. Thats what the game sells face value but most of the players on the Grid spend time using the games VERY robust sex and /rape/ code (Which players and /staffers/ will use) complete with period and hormone tracking to a full blown pregnancy code.

Progression is a little complicated as its a multi facated affair. Without going in depth. Essentially there are 5 tiers. 1 being the weakest like normal humans and sick supernatural 5 being something like True Demigods (like Percy Jackson). You have to earn what's called karma which you mostly have to earn by Storyrunning which is the equivalent to being a DM. Which isn't bad in my experience but you can't get passed Tier 2 without SRing. Period. Also tied in with progression. Once you get passed T2 you're lore bound to become more corrupt, meaning your character has to deteriorate morally the stronger they become. (Corruption = power is the theme)

The staffing is done by 3 people. 3 people who all admit that they do not talk to eachother. I have no personal opinions on any of them, except for that staffing in Haven feels nonexistent, and is largely inconsistent.

The metaplot. The metaplot is run by one person Daed. There is a significant lack of player impact in the game unless you're RPing with Daed or one of his PC's. I find that to be the most crippling part of a game that derives so much from player content, since a lot of it is forced through SRing. Not all of that is Daeds fault but largely it is him. (He's an okay dude when he isn't throwing a pity party for himself.)

Community:The community is mega toxic, Monsanto's roundup aint got nothing on Haven. Avoid the forums (though they've been dead, except foe the staff account posting in the music threads) and avoid Havenrant discord. OOC culture is full of cliques, predators. Stalkers, and some possessive people who blur the lines between themselves and characters.

I'd take this game at face value. Its in the 200's rank for a reason.

The whole game gets a 3.2/10. Not something I'd tell anyone to put time into. If you do just be prepared to be sponged off of.

Chaos Mud -- Mud Review posted by Joel Straube
Posted on Mon 01 Jul 2019 12:47:43 AM MST / 0 comments
Display Review

I've only been playing a short time, but this place very quickly caught my attention. Mob ran quests, simple rules to follow, equipment that can be damaged and repaired, random equipment, colours to enjoy, and easy enough to understand for new comers. It reminds me of the first MUD that I really got into and the MUD that I tried creating (both defunct). I'm glad I took the time to do some MUD searching after a year+ away.

Mud Connector Top 10 Mud Rankings
1. Aardwolf 3313 votes (885T/2822H)
2. Sindome 2356 votes (572T/2220H)
3. TorilMud, the Sojourner's Home 2014 votes (316T/1265H)
4. 3Scapes 1832 votes (386T/1284H)
5. 4 Dimensions 1692 votes (349T/1170H)
6. Deathwish MUD 1536 votes (286T/682H)
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Rankings Last Generated: Fri 16 Aug 2019 11:23:11 AM MST
Mud Connector Top 20 Mud Rankings
1. Aardwolf 3313 votes (885T/2822H)
2. Sindome 2356 votes (572T/2220H)
3. TorilMud, the Sojourner's Home 2014 votes (316T/1265H)
4. 3Scapes 1832 votes (386T/1284H)
5. 4 Dimensions 1692 votes (349T/1170H)
6. Deathwish MUD 1536 votes (286T/682H)
7. CoffeeMud 1418 votes (371T/1171H)
8. BatMUD 1370 votes (400T/1177H)
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15. MozartMud 724 votes (333T/569H)
16. The Inquisition: Legacy 710 votes (245T/506H)
17. Geas 626 votes (300T/541H)
18. SlothMUD 585 votes (333T/771H)
19. Mordor 578 votes (302T/455H)
20. Asteria 529 votes (292T/507H)

Rankings Last Generated: Fri 16 Aug 2019 11:23:11 AM MST