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If you're looking for a nice Mud to relax in at the end of the day where you can do whatever you want, where friendships are made and everybody knows your name, Deathwish will spark your imagination, sharpen your reading skills, and vastly improve your typing skills while providing hours and hours of exploration and fun. A well built, stable MUD that has been in operation since 1994 making it one of the oldest Circlemuds still online. There are too many features to list them all. 50 mortal levels, save and quit from your hometown, 8 communication channels, EQsets for spam-free EQ changing, a Mud School, Battlefield, a reimbursement system, multi-play of up to 3 characters allowed, fully operational OLC for builders, mobs that hunt players when attacked, auto-auctioning, quest shops and a quest point system, DG scripting, player housing and many years of meticulous work make this Mud exceptional. If you get lost, there are maps to help you navigate around the world, the players and the mature, friendly staff are willing to help you get started. It's a great place to call Home for new and old players, 100% free to play. If you've never been there, hop in and say "hi". If you have been there before, Welcome Home.

Mud Theme: Fantasy

Client Recommendation: Tintin, Zmud, Gmud, Mushclient, Cmud, Mudlet, ...more.

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Review posted by Selym
Posted on Wed Jan 17 19:21:51 2018 / 0 comments
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My first exposure to Deathwish was back in the late 90s when I was a little kid; at that time it was called Aaezure Odyssey. I didn't have a PC of my own, so with play-time limited to friends' houses and the library I wasn't able to get all that far. And after a few years I gravitated toward other games.

Fast-forward to now, re-visiting this mud in 2017. I was pleasantly surprised that it a) still existed, b) was actively maintained and c) had a real, still- active player-base. I found it very easy to just dive right in and be re- acquainted with all my old memories. I've been enjoying re-visiting areas that used to be off-limits for me as I'm approaching the level cap of 50.

This MUD is an incredibly chill experience. No mandated roleplay, no surprise player-killing, no one hounding you about what you do or don't do. Always, there is at least one person to help you, answer questions, or just to chat and hang out. Fun and silly conversations on there, usually Friday/Saturday evenings when it's a bit busier. The zones are reflective of this too. They don't conform to a dedicated medieval theme or anything. This leaves room for lots of anachronisms and different themes.

The world of Deathwish is massive. Even with the number of hours I've spent on this game, I've seen 10% of it at the most. The levels are immersive and vast, and thoughtfully designed. In a today's era where 'vast in-game universe' means 'loads of repetitive, procedurally-generated dungeons', it is so darn refreshing to find a game where under every rock, every corner is something interesting. This aspect of game exploration I so rarely find in modern RPGs. This has served to remind me why I want to play MUDs in the first place and what I love so much about them.

Deathwish has been an incredible experience so far, and I'm very much looking forward to seeing more of what it has to offer. I recommend it to literally everyone I know who is looking to play a MUD.

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