Mud Connector Privacy Policy ( updated: August 16, 2018 )

TMC Privacy Statement:

TMC recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of TMC visitors and registered members and has therefore instituted the guidelines which are specified in this privacy policy. Please be aware that due to the evolving nature of the internet and the services TMC provides it may become necessary for these guidelines to be changed in the future, all changes to TMC's privacy policy will be posted in this document. Unless required by law, your personal information will never be released wthout your consent.

TMC Collects the Following Information:

Information Collected About All Visitors: For each visitor to TMC, we collect the visitor's internet address ( IP address ), the version of the visitor's web browser ( user agent ), and the referring website url ( for visitors following links to TMC ). This information is used to analyze website traffic periodically and reports may be shared with third parties which include the above visitor information on an aggregate basis.

Required Information for Membership: When a TMC user registers for a TMC member account they are required to provide TMC with a userid of their choice, their name, their email address, an option to make their email address and name publicly available or private when they post to TMC discussion boards, and an option to subscribe to periodically emailed discussion board summaries.

Optional Profile Information for the Mud Connector Discourse: Registered members in the Mud Connector Discourse may optionally provide TMC with profile information. Information collected optionally in a member's profile includes a username of their choice, full name, about info, location, website, and email address.


The information that you provide TMC may be shared with other TMC members and the public, if you choose to share information you are able to control which information is provided. If you have activated an account in the TMC Discourse your personal profile consists of information you provided when creating your user profile. You may choose to keep this information private or make it available to other Discourse users.

All TMC user-provided information is kept confidential and will not be shared with any outside party. We do not sell or rent user provided email addresses to marketers and we will never intentionally disclose individually identifiable information to any third party without your permission. However, if we are ordered/required to disclose information by a court of proper jurisdiction or some other proper governmental order we will comply wth such an order.

How Your Information is Used:

TMC uses the collected information listed in the above section Information Collected About All Visitors without individually identifiable user information to analyze TMC's website traffic and to gather broad demographic information about our users in general. This information is also useful in determining our users' preferences in their usage of the TMC website and services.

If you are a registered member with TMC the information provided in the above section Required Information for Membership is used to a) allow you to login to your member account in TMC and b) to provide you with a way for your password to be emailed to you or for a password reminder to be displayed to you if you so request. If you choose to post content to the TMC discussion boards your unique userid will be displayed along with your posted information. You have the option to also have your name and email address displayed along with your post. Please be advised that allowing your email address to be displayed could result in unsolicited email being sent to you from other TMC users and visitors to the TMC website.

If you have created a TMC account in the Mud Connector Discourse the information you provided in the above section Optional Profile Information for the Mud Connector Discourse may be displayed to other Discourse users or visitors if you have chosen to make this information available.


TMC uses cookies to keep track of whether you are logged-in to the TMC website and the Mud Connector Discourse. TMC may also use cookies to remember your preferences so that we may help enhance your experience on the TMC website and the Mud Connector Discourse. These cookies may be removed or reset by you in your internet browser.

Emails Originating From TMC:

If you have chosen to receive periodic discussion board summaries from TMC you have the option to specify which discussion areas to include in emailed summaries or to terminate your receipt of the email summaries through the 'Settings' control panel on the TMC website. Users of TMC which have submitted mud listings or mud reviews will receive emails from TMC containing information about the submission process or their submitted information, these emails serve to notify you that we have received your submissions and provide information in the event that you need to contact us regarding your submissions. Members activated in the Mud Connector Discourse may receive email notifications about content posted to the discussions, and other content from the site administrators or moderators.

Links to Outside Websites:

TMC contains links to other websites including advertiser websites and links to muds. When you "click" on a link or advertisement banner you will leave the TMC website and TMC's privacy policy will no longer be relevant or in effect for those other sites that you visit. The websites that you visit may have privacy and use of information policies that differ from TMC's policies so please check them before submitting any information.

Changes to this Privacy Policy:

We reserve the right to make changes to this policy at any time and at our sole discretion, although we will notify you of any substantial changes made to our policies. Please be sure to check this this page periodically for any changes that have been made.

Further Information and Questions:
If you have any questions or seek additional information, please contact us at: