SlothMUD is one of the oldest two DIKU muds online. We boast a game which has been around since January of 1992. Our original creators are still with us today, coding their little hearts out. We reset our playerbase four years ago and are one of the few muds who can say that our numbers are rising and not lowering. In SlothMUD , each player advances in all eight classes which are bard, cleric, druid, mage, monk, necromancer, thief, and warrior. In addition to the skills and spells of their classo, our multi-class system provides special powers to each "prime" class. As a result, the 1,680 possible class orderings have distinct play styles. Once a player reaches maximum level in all eight classes, a prestigious Avatar class opens up which gives him entirely new skills and powers. Sloth provides its immortals with a unique scripting language, allowing them to build areas that are interactive to an unprecedented degree. These areas include complex puzzles, hundreds of scripted quests, and monsters that behave in surprising and intelligent ways. Several areas provide more than simple hunt-and-kill; these include a PvP arena and a coliseum where the player can test his mettle against an ever-nastier series of monsters. For more information on this language, please visit We have added MXP(Mud Extension Protocol), MCCP (Mud Client Compression Protocol), an astrological event system,tons of new spells and skills, and much, much more. We have a one of best coding staffs around who enjoy adding player suggestions, as well as implementing many of their own ideas while maintaining our 'Slothy' feel.

As well, one of our creators, William Lees, has been busy updating his MUD client Wintin.Net(an updated version of wintin95 which he also authored). It possesses many of the features we have added lately such as MXP, MCCP, etc. For more information on this great windows client,please refer to

A new web page was revealed recently which we believe is one of the best on the internet combining stunning graphics with Sloth related information. A live information section contains everything from a dynamic world map(which allows our players to watch each other move around our five continents) to player stats, live who lists, etc.

SlothMUD also offers a very active immortal and administrative staff, constantly working to provide new and interesting experiences to challenge players. We are one of the most newbie-friendly MUDs around, with many experienced players willing to assist you in learning and enjoying our game. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Mud Theme: Medieval Fantasy

SlothMUD Mud Reviews

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Review posted by reality
Posted on Wed Jan 9 18:25:35 2019 / 1 comment
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Best mud ever. Been playing for decades since original sloth. Many changes but gradual over the time. 8 classes offer enough variety in play. Well balanced, good immort staff to maintain the world.

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Comment posted on Wed Jan 9 18:25:35 2019 by Doug Stoothoff:

Speaking primarily for the benefit of those who have played with us and left us years ago, though maybe to new folk as well: I would say there have not just been gradual changes but quite a few really recent ones due to our current coder Jeff. ..such as resettable session statistics (the counters command), automated targeting (the target command) and automated equipment switches (the eqsets command) so that you don't have to write these in your client anymore. Also we are in the middle of a campaign to expand or revamp existing areas that were written quite a long time ago originally, by pairing off 2 builders each to an area. This last bit has been going on for several months now and has yielded some results. Oh and if you've been on a desert island for 5 years, you can put mob health percent in your prompt. 3x40 equipment selection is being expanded, there is both rebirth and remort progression (which are not the same thing as each other),... drachma (quest-point purchaseable) equipment is up for a revision soon. This list is far from complete.

Review posted by Jason Willie ~Hubris~
Posted on Sat Jul 5 12:14:39 2014 / 0 comments
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I have played a lot of muds over the last 20 years and the depth and scope of SlothMud keeps bringing me back for more. The world is immense and it seems I will always have more to explore. The players are friendly and helpful. The best part of the mud is that you get to be all eight classes. Warrior, Cleric, Mage, Necro, Druid, Monk, Thief and Bard. Your first class is what your best at but over time you can gain the skills of all the classes. You don't just level up to 40 and reach the top just like that. You go from being a newb to a mid level player and eventually you get to be an avatar. I love it. My character is always growing. The mud has great areas for soloing and areas for groups of all levels. The equipment is great... there are special runes that boost your character. You make your runes by popping gems. Join in the fun! Ive played a lot of muds and this one is by far the best I've ever played. ~Hubris~[Legends]

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Review posted by Hearot
Posted on Sat Jul 5 12:13:07 2014 / 0 comments
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I started playing Sloth when I was a freshman in college (1994) and I've been hooked ever since. With an absolutely huge world (27000+ rooms), there are constantly new things to discover. The 9 class system allows a vast variety of options for a player to choose from, and the play test option lets you test drive different class combinations to allow you to fine tune what you want to do with your character. There is a very active immortal population that is extremely helpful to players, along with periodically running quests that spice things up and challenge groups of players.

The website offers a comprehensive list of resources to make your mudding experience easier, such as detailed maps of the different areas, an equipment list that is easily fine tuned to find exactly what you want, along with a very nice list of the different quests available.

The player base is absolutely amazing. There are usually players on at any given time that are more than happy to answer questions you have due to the wide range of time zones that different people play from, and if not, there are forums available on the website where you can post questions that are usually answered in short order from a large group of dedicated veterans.

I will be forthcoming in saying this: This isn't a mud that offers instant gratification. Yes, your early levels will come easily and quickly, and the range of areas you can hunt in grows quite varied in a short period of time, but this is a mud that was designed to be played over a period of years, not weeks. The wide range of well written areas will keep your inner explorer happy as you progress from a newbie on the starter island up through your advanced levels as an avatar, and if you're a fan of watching your character develop their skills and abilities, this mud is sure to keep you entertained for years to come.

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Review posted by Enjolras
Posted on Sat Jul 5 12:11:53 2014 / 1 comment
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For the first time in two years, I played a mud today. Previously I'd been playing other games (Lensmoor, Aardwolf, Adventures Unlimited, etc.) but I always found something to complain about them. Whether the mud was too crowded, NOT newbie friendly, or just way too confusing, I never got past level 20 on any of them. I took a hiatus and decided to try something new--SlothMUD. From the minute I created my account, I received help immediately from a player. They directed me around Newbatia and basically just showed me the ropes. SlothMUD is practically perfect. The NPCs are all unique and often interact with the players. It was easy to get experience points as well as get gold. The land was fun to explore as well. The only real thing that I had an issue with was quitting. SlothMUD requires storage of equipment at an inn before disconnecting, which I don't really like. I mean, Shelda the innkeeper sucked away nearly all of my gold. Besides that one minor issue, I had a lot of fun at SlothMUD and plan to return soon.

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Comment posted on Wed Jul 2 22:15:30 2014 by Patrick:

Glad you enjoyed it! Just popped in to say that many people (myself included) are quite willing to give out loans to new players. We remember was it was like to be po'. :)

Hit me up ingame next time you're on, pname is Van.

Review posted by Jonasaur
Posted on Sat Nov 17 19:34:28 2012 / 0 comments
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Slothmud is now on it's fourth incarnation and boasts a fully developed eight class system whereby a player can eventually learn most spells / skills of every class. Specialization is found in choosing the order of the classes, making for a great diversity of characters and playing styles.

Slothmud is geared towards the long-term player. It is as rewarding as it is challenging, allowing advancement along a number of parallel systems simultaneously.

The atmosphere is relaxed, with little to no 'role-playing' involved and zero player versus player action. The game is constructed in such a way that maximizes positive player interaction. This atmosphere is very refreshing compared to the negative ways people often interact on the internet. As such the playerbase is very eclectic, representing many ages and nationalities.

Ultimately is the combination of a very sophisticated, challenging mud with a super friendly playerbase that makes Sloth such a compelling game that continuously ranks among the highest muds on TMC.

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Review posted by Pixie/Columbia
Posted on Sun Dec 4 20:10:52 2011 / 0 comments
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First off, a lot of changes have happened in sloth over the years. I have been playing it for over 8 years, and in 2009 became an immortal.

Most recent changes... you have 8 classes to chose from at the start. Mage, Cleric, Warrior, Thief are the older classes, and Bard, Druid, Necromancer, and monk are the new classes, each with its special skills and spells. If you want good regen chose druid as your second class if it is not your prime class. Once you have reached 4x40 you gain a 9th class Avatar which you may level into even if you have not leveled the other 4 classes. You do not lose these classes, instead you keep them and can still level them to gain their abilities until you finally, after work and dedication, reach 9.40 which is the highest you can gain without becoming immortal.

Besides the classes, you can complete autoquests (AQs) for coins, experience, equipment, potions, drachma and more. The drachma you can use to purchase items from special stores, and access to a regen room. And then you have the area openers, and occasional quests ran by the immortal staff from time to time.

As a newbie if you chose newbatia as your home. You may stay on that continent to learn the commands, how to group, how to cycle eq, level, do quests, and when you feel you are ready to leave the continent you just level your prime class past level 20 and join the rest of the realm in the search for coins, experience, and equipment just to name a few. If you have any questions do not be afraid to ask, someone is always willing to help you out if they are available.

Chat Commands: Gos - gossip gt - grouptell ct - channel tell tell - self explanatory (personal tell between players).

When you reach at least level 3 you are able to toggle channels on, type help commands for a list of commands you can use, help socials and so on. To join a channel type channel list and then channel join and the channel name you would like to join. Channels are sort of a safety. When you die and disconnect/reconnect, others in the channel can vision you and see where you are and if you have lost connections or if you are dead and if you are near, they may be able to help or get someone to help you. Also, you may use these to chat with others in the channel.

Clans - ask a member of the clan you wish to be in and they will let you know who to talk to if they are not the leader, or officer in the clan. Also, there is a list of these on the sloth website. to join a clan you must express interest, and have the fee to get in or at least a sponsor to pay your fee, depending on the clan they may vote on your application others may just let you in when you ask.

And much. much more... you have to see it yourself, spend more than one day, if you die just reconnect and try again, ask for help, get into a group, don't give up just because you die a lot, we have all been there, we know what it is like to start fresh, and most of us will help you until we feel you are able to play without the training wheels so to say. Hope to see you there!

Ok, as for my experience with this mud. Like I said I have played for several years. I have had my ups and downs like everyone else, dislikes, likes. I have played several of the classes, and always end up being a Mage or a Bard what I am most comfortable with I guess. I am a follower more than a leader so I love grouping with others. Also I am very social and talk a lot!

I have been in 2 clans over the years, Dragonsworn in previous versions, and Legends presently. I have always got the help I have requested, and even though I have played other muds I have always returned to sloth. It is worth trying out. If you are used to easy muds this one will seem hard until you get the hang of it.

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Review posted by brand
Posted on Tue Sep 5 23:35:01 2006 / 1 comment
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This is the greatest mud on the planet! Huge, huge, huge world! Great group of coders! Best group of players! This is the greatest mud on the planet!

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Comment posted on Wed Aug 30 17:53:30 2006 by Jag:

A bit understated, but true.

Review posted by supernova
Posted on Thu Aug 10 21:01:51 2006 / 0 comments
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My experience with Sloth mud was mixed at best. I loved the 8 character classes, of which 4 you could choose from. Your first, or prime, choice even got skills or spells you would not get if they were your second, third, or fourth choice. The classes were also very balanced and unique. Necromancer were actually able to summon the undead and Druids were able to shapeshift.

Scan was enabled allowing you to look several room around you and using hunt would allow you to search for mobs that you didn't actually know where to find.

Practicing spells is done by reading books. The starter books are in the respective guilds and there are libraries that hold some low-mid level books. You can find other books on mobs, overall a very balanced way to learn skills.

The players were quite numerous for muds, sporting generally over 20-30 at any given time. Also, they were very helpful if you asked them, and quite newbie tolerant.

The website offers great insight into the classes which can be quite complex. Also, it offers a searchable and superb database of items in the game and where to find them. This includes spellbooks, recipies and components used for crafting items. Another feature is the world map which can show you where other characters are, and lists to show which characters are logged in and which are grouping.

However, there were some minor and serious issues with gameplay. First; casting spells. All spells had to be surrounded by the ' symbol. This may actually be necessary as there is quite a list of spells and skills. This wasn't really a concern as I just aliased them in my browser.

Second; there is a severe shortage of equipment. Granted there is quite a list of equipment and a database is posted on However you would need a large group or a higher level character to actually retrieve the items. And there is a catch to this as well, equipment items spawn rarely, meaning several trips may be needed to get the item. Equipment can be bought in armor shops but is usually just basic stuff, also some equipment can be forged but components for building said equipment is just as rare.

Third; the 'consider' system seems completely broken. Monsters that were 'perfect match' were easily defeated in a few rounds.Even after gaining 5 levels in my prime class the weakest monsters in the starter town were still rated 'perfect match'. While mobs that were rated 'You would need alot of luck' were generally what I killed for experience and gold. Then other mobs with the same rating would completely decimate my character. The only real way to judge an enemies strength was to fight it. Also while fighting you will have to 'look' at the monster to see how much you have hurt it. Looking at the monster in the middle of battle can be disorienting as it causes much spam. This led to my fourth concern.

Fourth; monsters would remember you, usually for hours of game time. This isn't really a problem except they would remember you even after you died. So once you tried to reclaim your corpse they would attack again, but this time you would have no equipment to protect yourself. Game designers partially fixed this by allowing 'familiars' to retrieve your corpse for you. Also, every time you die you are forced to disconnect from the mud. Which may get annoying depending on how often you die.

And the final problem I found was monster looting. Some monsters will loot your corpse. This can be especially frustrating as the consider system isn't great. Example: You 'test' a mobs strength by fighting it. It ends up killing you. You return to grab your corpse (usually by familiar) and find most of your equipment missing. Looking at the mob (providing he doesn't kill you before you flee) shows you that the mob has taken your stuff and left you with little to fend for yourself, now the mob has your stuff and will also attack you on sight. You now have to get another character to get your stuff back for you or start over completely.

While I much enjoyed this game and started to make friends here the third, fourth, and fifth problem reduced my gaming fun to mere frustration.

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Review posted by Bit
Posted on Wed Dec 14 20:33:19 2005 / 0 comments
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What can I say about Sloth? Well, I guess I started playing about 13 years ago now. It made quite an impression. It's the only game that can make me want to start playing even after I've been mud-free for several years. I've played other games, and even coded a few, but I always end up wishing they were more like Sloth, or building features that mimic it.

Why? Mostly because of the simplicity and enjoyment.

You can be four of eight classes. This diversity gives you great flexibility to play your character like you want to. Almost every character is a good character, but it's learning to be a great character that takes time and skill. The difference is pretty easy to tell. Generally speaking, the good characters will learn that almost any character can do well in groups, and they will spend a lot of time looking for one to join. The great characters are the ones that learn to explore and level on their own. They're the ones that end up leading the groups while the others wait for one to open.

The website contains a wealth of information. There's an extensive equipment list that you can use instead of identify scrolls. It's also great for planning what equipment you will need to make your character the best it can be. There are maps of all but the newest areas, so you can get in and out with a minimum of frustration. This doesn't make the areas themselves less challenging, however it removes the frustration of being lost and allows you to focus on what's important. It also makes it less intimidating to explore, and there's a lot to explore!

Another nice feature is not everyone looks the same. Not every player is wearing the same helmet, the same sword or the same shield. Partly because some equipment is in difficult areas that require a group to acquire. Partly because mobs have different rates at which they spawn equipment. Partly because some equipment requires different kinds of characters to kill. And partly because there's a wide range of equipment at all levels and there's very few items that can be considered universally superior. This results in the most functional economy of any game I've played.

Not everything is easy. You'll learn to make good use of recall scrolls because death isn't painless. Running into a room naked to try to grab your corpse out from under the nose of a big angry mob can be challenging, though there's rarely a shortage of people willing to help you. This adds a lot to the challenge of the game, unlike some that I've played where you simply rest at the healer until you're strong enough to go back into the area.

The game stays challenging. It takes a total of 200 levels (40 in each class) to reach the highest Avatar levels. Avatar is a 5th class that you can level in after reaching level 40 in each of your starting classes. And even after reaching Avatar, there are many more class combinations to base a new character on.

There's no roleplaying, and it really doesn't need it. It gives you the freedom to be yourself and do what you want to do instead of what you are told you should do. There's really no player killing. In fact, the players are more likely to help you out of a sticky situation than put you in one. There's no race system, but Sloth does without it rather elegantly. Since Sloth has no roleplaying, and your stats are ordered according to your classes, races aren't needed.

Simply, Sloth sidesteps many unnecessary complications and concentrates on elements that improve game play and game balance. Of course, there's been many times when I didn't like a certain change, but of all the games I've played, I can honestly say this one has given me the most enjoyment. In the end, that's why I choose to return to this game instead of the other wonderful games I've played.

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Review posted by Berserker
Posted on Wed Dec 7 20:51:19 2005 / 2 comments
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I did start to play on SlothMud some times ago.

Here are my comments:

Good side: - lots of areas with very good descriptions - being grouped (with a team) to kill mobs is a nice experience - some good people around, they will help you to get equipment or team with you for better xp - you can play for hours easily

Bad side: - some very bad people around. Can make the whole gameplay really boring. They will threaten you if you are in *their* area or if you are trying to kill *their* mobs. They seem to think that some mobs, areas belong to them exclusively. - drug talk and some profanities on main chat channel

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Comment posted on Tue Aug 30 07:59:07 2005 by Krush:

I think SlothMud is a great MUD. You begin on Valkyre. An island where you can gain your fist 20 levels then after you can progress to different continents and areas with tougher mobs, better equipment and quests.

Getting equipment in SlothMud is not easy and is linked to being grouped or not: some mobs cannot be defeated alone. You need to be with others. Alone you won`t be able to get the equipment you want.

If you are looking to play solo, I do not recommend this MUD. You will be bored after a while given you will not be able to get good equipment, finish some quests and survive in some areas.

If you`re looking for teamplay, with wizards, warriors, clerics, thieves and others in your will enjoy this MUD a lot.

No one is really all powerful in this MUD so you need others to achieve a given goal.

Clan support is very basic btw. Good mudding !

Comment posted on Fri Dec 2 14:47:02 2005 by Qa:

Just a couple notes from my time at Sloth.

'Claiming' mobs or areas is discouraged on SlothIII.

Profanity and/or 'drug talk' is not allowed on public channels. The immorts will ban you from being able to use the public channels if you do so. Excessive use will result in stronger penalties.


Review posted by Lord Zordrac
Posted on Mon May 9 22:36:16 2005 / 0 comments
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I admit that I looked at Sloth MUD because it was listed as the number 1 mud. What I had expected was to see a glamorous mud with 1,000 people online at once. What I saw instead was a reasonably popular mud with 40-50 people on at a time, but not one which is incredibly popular. So how then had it managed to attain its number 1 ranking?

My first impression, admittedly, was not the best. DikuMud? But that is so outdated, and surely ROM is a better system? The newbie rooms were hard to follow. Where do I train? Where do I practise? There were mobs to kill, yes, but what is the experience to level? And what significance does it have with the 4 classes I chose, and the order that they were in? What race am I?

But as I found, Sloth MUD III has that beautiful, poetic balance between a game that is unbelievably easy to play, and one which undoubtedly fulfills all of the requirements of a long term user. All of its areas are entirely unique. It has primary, secondary, tertiary and final classes - 4 total. It has skills and spells that are similar to others, but nonetheless unique. And a list of commands and abilities that are also quite new, and surprising.

I have played in muds where you had multi-classing. Naturally, its in many different ones. I've played in ones where at 'Avatar' level, you get to pick a second class. I've played ones with 'remort' or 'reclass' options. I've played ones with 'advanced classes' at level 30. And I've even played 'Godwars' muds where you get everything instantly. But Sloth MUD III seemed to have this down pat. On the surface, you can do what you like - pick any classes, and cover all of your bases. But at the same time, your secondary class takes twice as long to gain in. Your tertiary 3 times as long and your final 4 times as long. You can be level 5 in all of them, or be level 30 in just 1. It depends.

The temptation of course is to go with the standard 4 classes - Warrior/Cleric/Thief/Mage - and perhaps just change the order to suit. But then the temptation of the 4 extra classes - Necromancer/Bard/Druid/Monk - add just that little bit extra. Sloth MUD III doesn't fill it with 100 different classes and 50 races. They just keep it simple, and make it basically perfect. No worries about balancing. Just right.

You don't have to reroll 1000 times to get it right - its just decided for you. But you can add stats later on, and reroll. Its how a mud should be played - forced fairness. No more cheating and manipulation.

There's just so much to love about this mud. On one hand it is small and simple - a beginner mud with so much more to add later on. But on the other hand, the base of it is so powerful that you'll never forget it.

The perfect match where it is easy to start and has so much to go on with. What more could you ask?

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Review posted by Nemo
Posted on Wed Apr 13 19:25:35 2005 / 0 comments
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I have been playing MUDs for over a decade now, and sadly my previous MUD of choice shut down for good late last year. So I was left to surf MUDs to find somewhere else to hang my hat. That's when I stumbled across SlothMUD III, and I love it.

The idea I like best about this particular MUD is that they work hard to make it a balanced game. Balanced in the perspective that it's not so easy that you are likely to get bored with it quickly (like I have with some Godwars MUDS) and not so complicated that someone new, like I was, can't log in and feel fairly competent within a week or two of playing.

I've always felt that a MUD is just a game, and that fun should be the ultimate goal. I mean, really, my real life is complex enough. I surely don't want to come home from a day's work just to log onto a game and be expected to work just as hard there as I did all day already. I think that SlothMUD III accomplishes just that, interesting group/party chat, with an assortment of things to do to pass the time, and wonderful solo abilities, which works for me due to my limited time restraints (what with family and all).

I would definitely recommend anyone give SlothMUD III a try for a couple of weeks, get the feel of the commands and the game itself, and see for yourself. As for me, I am confident that I've found my new home for a while to come.

Thanks to the Admin who put together such a worthy MUD as well as a fun place to hang out.


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Review posted by Impz
Posted on Sun Apr 10 21:40:14 2005 / 0 comments
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Slothmud III is my first and only mud for now and ever. I am not a very experienced mudder like most, in that i have only mudded for three years and thereabout. However, i have seen many muds and went to try on many muds before eventually settling in Slothmud. I guess i have never regretted my decision to start mudding in sloth as it has a totally different experience of gaming unlike many other muds.

Slothmud as we have seen the small abstract is a mud where you can combine four vastly different classes out of eight of them. This is a very interesting idea as it can make your hitpoints, skills and style of playing very differently. For example, a warrior will tend to look for monsters that miss a lot when hitting players with higher ac. Mages tend to find mobs that have low hitpoints as to blast them down as quick as they can. Well, i can go on but you can see the rough picture that very different ways of playing can apply. Not only that, Sloth is not sloth without it's players as well as it's immortals.

A mud can have a lot of functions, but without any players, it's as good as dead. However, sloth is definitely a very active mud. There is often a good amount of new players coming in to try the game and ask questions. Many players, including myself, enjoy helping newbies and answer their questions. The close interaction that is around the mud makes it lively, and newbies are always encouraged to explore, search and find bits of information that will help them along the way.

There has been always constant additions and skills to the game. Just a week ago, skills like cover tracks, hedge maze, sharpen and the likes are added. Often, player feedback is very welcome and is often the catalyst to changes when the immortals deem fit. The immortals, which i am a very new one, are often helpful as long as they are not busy with things. Even if they are busy, they often will direct you to someone before they leave you. New areas like the coliseum are constantly added and there's always something new to find.

I will recommend sloth to anyone who is keen to have a challenge, a place to enjoy and simply a place to get more friends in this mud. Come join us soon and hope to help you when you login.: )

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Review posted by Holdfast
Posted on Mon Feb 21 20:27:02 2005 / 0 comments
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This is the first time I've ever posted a review of any type, but this mud truly deserves a few more plugs.

People, players and admins, are what make a truly good mud. And, Slothmud has been blessed with one of the most friendly and helpful playerbases plus exceptionally fair, responsive, and humorous admins that I've encountered in my 12 years of mudding.

From 8 different classes, (Warriror, Cleric, Mage, Thief, Monk, Bard, Druid, and Necromancer) you get to choose 4 with which to build a character that suits your style of play. You get to take your new 4 class character through an enormous world filled with areas which cater to all different kinds of play, be it solo/grouped, hack&slash, strategic, or plain blast it up :)

The immortals and players have developed a very helpful web page to go with this mud. The site consists of an extensive equipment data base. It houses maps of almost all the areas complete with walk directions and lists of loaded equipment. There is also a detailed listing of class skills and a newbie help section. Many die-hard mudders may not want or need the info, but it was one of the key things that attracted me.

The only major gripe I would have about this mud is the character stat generation. Unlike most muds, you do not roll stats when you generate a character. Instead, there are 3 classes of tokens (triangular, hexagonal, and octagonal) tokens that randomly load in the game. These tokens are used to roll stats as many times as you like (depending on how many tokens you find) until you are happy with them. This lends a type of treasure hunt aspect to the game that I like. However, many players have had to roll tokens well over 200 times to get adequate stats. The token idea isn't bad, but the formula for the stat generator could use some tweaking.

All in all, I would highly recommend this mud to anyone. I went in looking for a place to build a solid solo character. I still play there. I still solo alot, but I have found quite a few good friends to chat and group with. I have seen many changes implemented, most at player requests, by the immortals to help make Sloth a more interesting and fun place to be. Come and visit. Newcomers are always welcome. And, who knows? You may just want to adopt our little family :)

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Review posted by Xandora
Posted on Fri Oct 29 23:21:15 2004 / 0 comments
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Since the birth of my very first character on Sloth some 12 years ago, I have been in love. SlothMUD is a world of beautifully created areas with something for everyone.

Complete with 3 caster classes (Mage, Cleric, Necromancer), 3 non- caster classes (Warrior, Monk, and Thief), and 2 clases that are a mixture of casting and non casting (Druid and Bard, respectively), the admins at SlothMUD have made every effort to provide a fun and unique experience for anyone and everyone.

The areas on Sloth are the best that I have seen on any MUD that I have ever visited. Each having some quality to address whatever your specific tastes may be. Ranging from solo areas, 2-man area, to large group areas.

My personal highest creditial for SlothMUD is the people. Unlike some MUDs where people don't have time to help, spells and skills have been put into Sloth specifically designed to assist players to help other players, which is often the case.

It's definitely worth a try. Come by sometime.

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Review posted by Alana
Posted on Sat Nov 5 20:15:49 2005 / 1 comment
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How many dates in your life do you remember?

Well, I do remember Alana's birthday - the day I first played in Sloth. As well as the day she inmorted. I am not an imm right now, but it has nothing to do with my appreciation of the MUD.

I've visited hundreds of MUDs but found very few where I would have gotten hooked. Original, multiclass and completely free? That's a lot to ask for. The world of Sloth is completely original (it's a DIKU, but no DIKU areas); you create your char selecting 4 starting classes out of 8 possible ones. Everyone who grows enough gets a fifth class, Avatar: your avatar powers will be different depending on what your first four classes are.

It is not a roleplaying MUD: some players roleplay a lot, but it's their own style of play, not something where imms try to enforce their notions of 'proper' roles.

A lot of the code and areas are built thinking of groups. Groups can be as big as the leader tolerates, or as small as two. There is no size-based limits on who you can group with.

Players can define their own channels and there is both a newbie channel and some people ('Isatars') who are dedicated to helping newbies.

If you're looking for a very complex world where knowing the MUD and knowing other players are equally important, and where exploration never ends: hop in!

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Comment posted on Tue Nov 1 13:46:52 2005 by Hannibal:

Read those reviews carefully before choosing that mud ! I did lightly and found out it was not what i was looking for !

Here is what the MUD is:

- it`s not RPG oriented. People talk about anything and don`t really role-play. They talk about work, school, football, and so on !

- SlothMud is VERY group oriented both for EXP and equipment. Many areas and mobs can only be done by groups. Keep in mind you may have a very limited role in those groups. i can use like 5-10 useful skills/spells per hour (while i have 100+ available !) ! It DOES become quickly repetitive.

- given the above, you may have to play for weeks before finally getting a given equipment. You may not be able to kill some (if not many...) mobs if no one is willing to help you.

- you don`t have to explore. All the maps are available on the website including the equipment list. All death-traps are there so no surprise . Look at the maps and eq list and choose where to go ! Even hidden doors are on maps !

- no pkill (possible though very limited). psteal is available. Clans are not RPG-oriented/related. Alignment has no big incidence in gameplay.

- there are 200 levels. The first 80 are fun to play. After it`s more boring and the last 40 are the same.

- There are lots of newbies and few high-level players. Make your own judgement !

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