Dark and Shattered Lands (DSL)


Online for over 17 years now, DSL will forever be one of the long standing muds online. Rich in features, DSL offers more than 40 classes and 40 races. Our remort system offers Chromatic and Metallic Dragons as well as Demons, Angels, our original neutral god servant, the Balanx and many other lesser remorts such as Giants. With roleplaying required, we offer both hack and slash player killing if you join a clan or you may choose not to player kill and join a kingdom where you would concentrate on defending your kingdom or taking over others. We offer major quests as well as several smaller ones daily. The world of DSL is rich in history that the players have shaped. Nothing is off limits when done with sound and proper role-playing. Our world also has vampires and manatonics (think of manatonics like a cross between a Jedi Knight and the immortal from the highlander series) and are about to introduce a special reclass known as the slayer to hunt them. DSL offers a fully functional Gladiator League where the champions are treated like todays rock stars. We have ship combat, a kind and caring immortal staff, active builders and coders for new content and a stern yet fair rule set to prevent cheating and harassment. Become King or Queen or even a Dictator, or serve as a Knight or any rule you strive for. (and convince others you are worthy of) Anything is possible for your characters on DSL. Come join the hundreds of other players and help shape the world of Algoron and make your characters actions count..

Mud Theme: DragonLance (loosely based)

Client Recommendation: Zmud/Cmud or Mudlet - http://www.zuggsoft.com or http://www.mudlet.org

Dark and Shattered Lands (DSL) Mud Reviews

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Review posted by 20 year veteran
Posted on Tue Jul 4 12:51:58 2023 / 1 comment
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The mud itself is pretty good the vast amount of race/class combinations you can make are basically endless. The problem is this reward system for playerkilling that makes the elite too strong and literally ruins all fun for any clanned playerkiller because of it. It has gone unaddressed for years. That coupled with the worst IMMstaff I have ever encountered makes it kind of a toxic enviroment to play in. People just bitch and complain on the out of character channel all day and then one of the admin will tell them to suck it up or some other asshole remark that makes people basically quit. The playerbase has dwindled down to almost a minimum from the great MUD it once was. At this point the game is basically the owners cash cow, it is a free mud but basically it is ignored by the owner and he just collects cheques from people who want in game advantages purchasing con cards.

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Comment posted on Tue Jul 4 12:51:58 2023 by Ben:

I started playing Dark and Shattered Lands (DSL) in college around 1996 or 97, I can never remember. Over the years, the game has had it's ups and downs, but over all I have really enjoyed my time on DSL, and the players and imm staff are awesome. The game code has undergone massive changes, and a lot of really cool features have been added, including: areas, storylines, mechanics and more digital flavor than you can imagine. Whether you want to concentrate on roleplaying or player killing (or both!), DSL provides a fun environment to explore and discover. The player base is friendly, and we help newbies get rolling so they can join in the fun.

If you haven't tried it out, give it a shot! Currently (Summer, 2023), our numbers are down, and we could really use some new people to come in and join us. Con is right around the corner, and it would be a great time to come!

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