Getting Started: Welcome to your first MUD adventure

Welcome to the wonderful world of Multi-User Dungeons (Muds). Maybe the term Mud is new to you but chances are you have played games that are closely related. Muds are text-based applications, many of which are games, and some even have some graphics these days. A large number of them are RPG games, some are based on Medieval Fantasy ( like Dungeons and Dragons ), some are based on Star Wars or Star Trek, or cyberpunk, or Dragonball, or even popular book series like the Wheel of Time, Pern or even Harry Potter. All of them have one thing in common - you play them over the internet with other people from around the world.

One thing you should not expect to see in a traditional Mud is alot of flashy graphics, though some do offer minimal graphics that aid in gameplay, for example a world map of the game. You can think of a MUD as an interactive novel, where you are the main character and you decide how the book unfolds through your actions.

So let's jump right into a MUD that has other people from around the world waiting to play with you. We'll make it easy, all you have to do is click a single button and before you know it you will be connected with a MUD that will help you to create a character of your very own; And you won't have to pay anything because most of the Muds listed on TMC are free!

There are a few basic commands that you should learn so that once you are connected you have an idea of some things you can do and more importantly, how to get help to figure out the rest.