4 Dimensions


4 Dimensions is set at a time after a massive nuclear war has caused great rifts in the Time Warp of Universe. Due to those rifts, generally known as 'Time Traps', you can travel freely between different time periods. Some enterprising people have set up a Travel Agency, making it easier for adventurous Travellers to explore the different Dimensions of Time.

There are 4 main 'Worlds' that you can visit; Pre Historic, Medieval, Old West and Future, each with 100% unique zones - you won't find any stock areas in 4D. This makes our mud especially interesting for those that like the extra challenge of exploring and solving Quests. Even our Mud School is customized, with 4 grades (one for each Dimension) and a unique 'Quest Academy' at the top, teaching some of the tricks of mudding, that usually only very experienced players know about.

At present there are over 200 zones, more than 70000 rooms and over hundred built-in Quests of varying difficulty. Many of our long time players build for us, so the world is growing at a steady rate. With the Quest prizes you can buy some of our special 'features' like crash-proof houses, and personalized equipment, pets, mounts and vehicles.

4D is and will always be totally free, although we have more features than many Pay-to-Play Muds. Our remort and skill system is very advanced, allowing you to continuously improve your character. The full potential of the Game only unfolds as you play it, but already in Mud School you'll get a taste of what to expect later on.

So come and enjoy one of the most developed and original free Muds on the net! Some of the content in the zones is a bit 'mature', so this is not a mud for the very young or very prudish.

Mud Theme: Time Travel

Client Recommendation: MUSHclient

4 Dimensions Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Arthur
Posted on Fri Aug 21 09:14:00 2015 / 0 comments
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I have been playing this mud since middle school, it has been a pleasurable experience and the staff and players are awesome. There are the occasional players that are going to be mean, but overall 99.8 percent of the players are friendly and helpful, and 100 percent of the IMMS. The tier system is fun and quite extensive, as well as the world, been playing for over 15 years and am still finding new rooms and they are adding new zones every 6 months or so. The amount you are able to do it unfounded, I can quest to find Items or decide I want to buy a house and quest for tokens to have one built custom for me.(You design it.) The items are awesome and extensive as well as the spells and skills. They are games we play often for prizes among the players. Overall it has been an excellent experience, and I don't see myself leaving anytime soon.

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Review posted by Pix
Posted on Wed Jul 23 11:43:51 2014 / 0 comments
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I've been a player on 4 Dimensions since 2005, and have been coming on and off as RL issues do get in the way.

However, each time I come back to the MUD, I always find the MUD improved with new features, zones, scripts, and of course, with good company.

So I thought about making this review kind of unique, by listing down 5 reasons why I like 4 Dimensions, which makes me come back to it again and again.

1. Extremely detailed zones. You really feel like you're immersed in these zones - for example the PreHistoric and Old West time periods make me feel I'm living a life within a historical novel.

2. Quests. They're not the run of the mill: 'Give item A to person B, collect 100 of item X, or kill 50 mobs', but are more complicated than that. While it's true there are simple quests like these in 4D, the majority of quests are much more involved, needing the player to interact with the environment and puzzle out quite a bit of stuff. Think of old adventure games by Sierra or LucasArts (but with no Insane Troll Logic or Moon Logic Puzzles, though admittedly some quests suffer from the You Can't Get Ye Flask trope).

3. Non standard MUD commands and features. There are commands like '--' which allows you to clear the command buffer, or aliasing many commands with one alias.

4. Nifty equipment/items. These items are usually quest rewards, though my favourite pieces are actually 'utility' equipment. Some examples are a hat that allows you to peek into a room and see mobs / room descriptions, an 80s game console that allows you to play an animal chasing mini game (which was scripted in early 2000s, and from what I heard, an iPhone game app is now modeled after it), a wand that allows you to 'save' a room location and teleport back, etc..

There's also items that help players in combat - like a sword that levels up as well, and golems (which assist the player and gain xp alongside him).

5. Ability to help out in the MUD. 4D has a separate BP where players can build zones / tweak / add in stuff. You don't need to be an imm to be able to do this. Some of the MUDs best features come from the BP, such as golems, or the improved newbie school and tasks.

So do come and check 4 Dimensions out if you are looking for a different MUD to play, or if any of the above 5 reasons appeal to you!

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Review posted by Lachesis
Posted on Mon Feb 17 09:58:13 2014 / 1 comment
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I wanted to like this game. I really, really did. However, I found that it was just another place where knowing the right people or being around at the right time trumps all forethought and ingenuity. I'm a fairly avid MUDer, and consider myself fairly intelligent. When I get frustrated with a quest it is rare that it's because I missed something obvious. One of the quests in the very first area of the game has managed to completely stump me, and what's worse, this area is designed to get you through your first remort. No quest completion means massive, massive grinding, on the level of thousands of mobs per level. I'm not suggesting that this area should be completely spoon-fed to you, but even a nudge in the right direction would be nice. Speaking of nudges, players are essentially forbidden from helping each other on quests. Newsflash! if people don't do your quest, then the only use it has is in the padding of your self-worth. You get to sit back and pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself on how fiendish it all is, while newcomers wander off and others just grind. By no means am I discounting the amount of work that does go into quests, both for those who solve and those who build. But for heaven's sake, the occasional hint should not be punishable, particularly not if it's delivered privately. For instance, 'It's on the second floor' or 'If you want out, try a window somewhere'. I think hints, if they are vague, should be permitted. I'm taking issue with this, and writing a review, to warn people about this mud. It's deep, it's full of mobs, it has hundreds of quests, but if you can't get a foot in the door then you'll be killing thousands of mobs just to get a single level. I wish you luck, because this mud sure as heck wasn't for me.

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Comment posted on Wed Feb 12 20:37:59 2014 by Loria:

I have played 4D for a few years now. My specialty is working with new players. I can appreciate that you had a difficult time with the quests but the newbie school is pretty spoon fed to newbies. There are signs in each room that tell you exactly what to do each step of the way til you get about half way through. Then the signs slack of a bit but it is still very user friendly.

We are a quest-heavy mud, yes. And we are told not to give out quest hints but by that it is meant we cannot give the quest away. And helping newbies is in no way part of that. When we say we cannot give out quest hints, it is more to prevent players' growth from being stunted by being spoon fed through the whole process.

All in all, we are an extremely newbie-friendly mud. A lot of the oldbies make it a point to be helpful. We struggle with player base so we would not alienate a new player simply because he was having trouble getting used to the mud. Do we have our trolls? Sure! What mud doesn't? (I think our trolls are cooler though) But we do not sit back on our laurels and congratulate ourselves for completing impossible quests while newbies struggle and leave. The rule is in place because of our tendency to give out too much info. Come back and give it another try. Look for me and I will help you get the hang of it.

-Loria Alderisio

Review posted by Jason
Posted on Tue Mar 15 18:30:29 2011 / 1 comment
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Once again 4Dimensions strikes one of their one of a kind amazing updates. This time they have updated three of the oldest places in the realms, West trade road and Camelot, Elven forest, and the Elven metropolis. Some of the features are the amazing smell, taste and feel descs.

There are also amazingly well-worked new quests added, that are sure to test your wits as well as your muscle. There is even an entire new area that will unfold before your eyes as you embark on one of these epic quests, no other than the legendary Avalon will unfurl itself in the mist. That is if you can get there.

The thing that still strikes me after so many years, is the amount of work that goes into designing and constructing the quests and zones of 4dimensions. They are all A LOT more amazing than the pay-to-play muds.

If you are looking for a brain-puzzle then come on in! You will be tested to your wits end by the hundreds of quests and zones. And if that is not your cup of tea then hack'n'slash offers alot of bonecrushing mobs that will battle you into oblivion. There is also Roleplaying that offers a lot of fun and thriller-throbbing sessions. So what are you waiting for, come join the adventure!

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Comment posted on Wed Mar 9 22:58:22 2011 by Xeriuth:

I've been part of 4dimensions a long time and HIGHLY recommend it. It may pose a challenge at first, but the more you play, as in any game, you will begin to appreciate it and fall in love with it as I have. Eventually everything will become second nature. If you want a place that is fun and challenging, there is no other place I found other than here. So I invite you to come join the fun! See you on the other side!

Review posted by Cati
Posted on Fri Feb 23 20:11:39 2007 / 0 comments
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4Dimensions is a mud that focuses on built in quests and on doing more than just hack and slash - though hack and slash is allowed - creating a world far deeper than most muds.

While Player Killing is available for those that like that sort of thing, it is an option. If you'd like to go one on one with another player and not have to go PK to do so, there are various 'arenas' around to do that.

With races that vary from the centaur (a player that can be used as a mount) to the Spacewolf, Faun and even Martian, there should be a race for any mudder (or wanna be mudder).

The builders have been busy building on this mud for years and it shows. With four different 'dimensions' of time - Prehistoric, Medieval, Old West and Future - there is a wide variety of areas as well. You can choose to fight in Greece with the Trojans, figure out the mysteries of anchient Egypt - both in Prehistoric, find out the secret of the relationship between Sir Lancelot of King Arthur's court and a serf in the serf village in Medieval, find out what really happened at Tombstone while searching for gold in the Old West, or, if you can fight Boba Fett or Darth Vader in future. These are just samples of what 4Dimensions has to offer in the line of areas to visit.

4Dimensions is supported by an immort staff that has been around for years and really know their jobs, and some players that have been around for almost as long as the immort staff. Both players and immorts are willing to help new players get a start, but don't expect any answers to any of the quests for the joy is in figuring the out yourself and not being told the answers.

If you want a mud where you can be challanged by areas at times or just want to run around and kill things at other times, 4Dimensions is a good place to live.

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Review posted by Richard
Posted on Fri Jan 6 19:50:53 2006 / 0 comments
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I started mudding several years ago but it was on and off. The muds I went to were too jumbled, the prompts were bright or took up too much room on the screen. It was hard to tell the room descriptions from character names and object descriptions. Even if you can change the prompt or turn of ANSII color, there was still way to much clutter on the screen.

On top of that most muds aren't newbie friendly or they claim to be but no one will answer your questions about commands and other assorted general questions. With 4d I found several helpful people there which allowed me to quickly learn the commands they use and how to get from one place to another.

Not to mention that while some to most zones are based off of something such as a book or a movie (or in some cases even a song or two) there are no zones that have been pre-created. The quests are fairly original and there is a great range in the quest difficulty level ranging from a beginning questor to quests that challenge even the most veteran mudders.

It's a great place to play and the people and staff are really nice.

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Review posted by Once
Posted on Fri Mar 11 19:51:05 2005 / 1 comment
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Do you enjoy detail?

Are you looking for a new virtual world to call home? Are you sick and tired of these 'indepth worlds' that are nothing more than renamed stock? Then 4 Dimensions might be just the place you're looking for. 4 Dimension has been up for over 6 years, and has over 20000 unique rooms, all of which are quite detailed. A few of the many commands you'll find of use in 4 Dimensions are:

Look Behind - Looks behind an object or place in a room. Look Under - Looks under an object or place in a room. Look Above - Looks above an object or place in a room. Search - Finds many hidden things, depending on where you search. Smell - Describes the smell of a room or object. Listen - Describes the sounds within a room. Taste - Describes the taste of an object Feel - Describes the feel of an object. Climb - Climb an object within a room. Descend - Descend an object within a room. Enter - Enter an object within a room.

As you can see, 4 Dimensions is depth. We have many indepth quests, some requiring brute skill, others pure thought. For those that don't care to fight to gain experience, 4 Dimensions has a built in Farming and Gardening system, and is integrating a crafting system at the moment. Quests are also a great way to gain experience, as is exploring if you explore the right areas.

But even with all that, that's not all there is to do in 4 Dimensions. We have an indepth clan system as well, along with deep clan politics, often involving in coups, or destruction of property among the clans. Clan take overs, and many other things involving clans. The Head Coder, Mordecai, is also adding in even more clan functionality, for deeper clan fun, and clan contests. Clans are a completely optional part of the 4d atmosphere, and there is a way to gain their benefits without joining a clan.

I can't fit all of the great features I'd like to into this small review , but I'll just list a few more of the many reasons why I think you'll LOVE 4D as your new home:

Personalized Equipment Great Newbie Environment Detailed Player Houses Possibility to become a HERO Detailed Player Pets Roleplay in a unique setting Tier based remorts Awesome Quest Rewards Completely Free No strings attached! Indepth Quest Academy And so much more!

I hope to see you there, and hope you come to love 4d as much as I do. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

Once - Long Time Player 4d.mud-puddle.net 6000 http://4d.mud-puddle.net

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Comment posted on Thu Mar 3 17:16:16 2005 by Molly O'Hara:

Thanks for the nice review. :) It is particularly appreciated coming from a long-time player like Once, who is still among the most influential in the game, although he now runs a mud on his own too. He tells me that he logs on to his own mud to work, and to 4D to relax and unwind. Ill take that as a compliment, although I suspect that the real reason why he comes to 4D is the politics, plotting and scheming of which he was always master. Few players grasp the full extent of Onces deviousness, hehe.

Anyhow, Id like to take the opportunity of mentioning a few of my own favourite features, like; * Speedwalk allows you to get quickly from Place A to Place B, without the spam of seeing all the rooms you pass through. * Nobattlespam a toggle that allows you to shut out most of the spam during combat. * Ignore player - now blocks all output from a player that gets on your nerves, not just tells, as before. * Mounts that really are useful, both for transports and in combat, with skills like trample and joust.

And even if the craft skills are not yet fully implemented (I swear Ill get back to them as soon as I finish the large Trading zone that I am currently working on) we still have a few occupations in already, for instance; * Fishing catch and kill water living creatures, while having the additional chance of fishing up some really valuable object. * Mining dig your own tunnels, mine for ore and jewels. * Lumberjacking grab some high heels, suspenders and a bra, and cut down trees for timber, just like your dear papa.

And of course the almost endless supply of built-in quests in the zones...

And the fact that 4D is totally, 100% FREE although we have more original features than may pay-to-play Muds.

Review posted by Robert W. Anderson
Posted on Mon Feb 9 23:13:50 2004 / 0 comments
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I have been a constant player at 4 Dimensions since 96-97 and haven't left the MUD since. It's a really excellent MUD that was built for all mudders in mind. Whether you want to be medieval, pre-historic, futuristic, or even old west. This MUD has everything available to you to be able to roleplay in every different environment. I can't really say on this review how many features that this MUD has to offer its players because it's way too much but I'll list the key features below that most players find interesting that aren't listed in the 4D listing at Mudconnector:

* 8 Balanced Classes: Gypsy, Thief, Ranger, Esper, Priest, Mage, Hunter, Warrior * 8 Unique Races: Centaur, Dwarf, Elf, Faun, Gringo, Indian, Martian, Spacewolf * Advanced Remort System: Specialize in multiple classes; but if you improve in one; you'll get powerful benefits, statwise and skills/spells * TONs of Quests: Quests allow you to challenge yourself, whereas your'e also rewarded in tokens that allow for buying a house, personal eq, and more * Professions: Farming, Gardening, Lumberjack, and more! You get paid in exp, gold, or tokens! * Massive Areas to Explore, each with its own quests and challenges awaiting someone like you! * Customizable Prompt like no other, see your victim's hp percentage, their damage done to you, and your damage to them and more! * Weapons are more advanced, they give speed, attack, and defence! Even players without second attack can hit a mob multiple times before the mob hits them with decent speed. * More informative score, group, who, where, level, clan, helpfiles, equipment, inventory, and fighting commands * Grouping Points! New feature allows you to gain normal experience as well as group experience, you can level on both, leaders get a 10% bonus * Over 30 new skills and spells have been added recently! Allowing a vast arrangement of attacks you can do! * Convey command where you can turn gold into experience, tokens into practice sessions, and more! * 4 Dimensions is always changing! You'll find something new every week or less guaranteed!

I can't say much more what's in this MUD, but I think everyone should at least give it a try it has a good playerbase and a lot of helpful mortals and immortals that'd be willing to give anyone a helping hand in need.

This MUD has been around since July, 1996. It's won multiple awards by multiple players for creativity and imagination. If you want to find a home to call your own, this would be the MUD. I wouldn't trade this MUD for the world and I will never leave my home. Go ahead, give 4d a try even if you're there for 30 seconds atleast I'll know I caught your eye. You can check out the website at http://www.4dimensions.org for more information and features or you can read the listing here at TMC too. Hope to see you on!

Angel 'Mortifer' Penumbra

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Review posted by Kathie aka Tamica
Posted on Tue Jan 13 17:35:43 2004 / 0 comments
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This was the second mud I'd ever played. I was impressed by the friendly atmosphere and the laid back attitude of the staff and players so I ended up staying there. This mud has some truly amazing zones built by some of the best writers I've had the pleasure to work with.

There are zones for those who just want to run through and kill anything they see move, zones for those who love quests and a really good challenge, and plenty of surprises for both. I had the honor of being allowed to build my own zone with plenty of help from the more experienced builders. Recently the place has gotten a really neat revamp. The classes and remorts have all been redone and the abilities have been updated.

Class balance isn't a major issue here like it is in most muds I've played in. I don't get to play as much as I used to, but personally I can't wait to get my characters up to the highest level there is.

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