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The world of CoffeeMUD is a world of fantasy hosting the latest and greatest features from the entirely original CoffeeMUD Java-based engine. Our world is a huge world which combines some of the classic MUD areas, updated with modern features, with original areas, quests and stories to explore and conquer. With 20 starting races and over 40 classes, each with dozens of unique abilities, there is plenty to do in the world. Whether you prefer the high magic of the mage and eight subclasses, the stealthy nature of the thief and its five subclasses, or the laid back commoners and their non-combat experience systems, you will not run out of unique combinations to explore. Play a fighter or one of their four classes for a more straight-forward approach, or a Cleric and one of eight subclasses for a divine experience smiting the foes of your deities with powerful prayers. Or perhaps you are less traditional and enjoy the comforts of nature with the Druid class and 5 subclasses, or the highly social Bard class and four subclasses. Regardless of which classes you play there are plenty of opportunities to earn experience, and each class has unique ways of earning bonus experience, such as the bard explorer experience, or the thief gaining experience from stealing. Multiclassing is possible within your base class. The Commoner class can also multiclass into one of the six adventuring classes.

Some of the many features that CoffeeMUD offers include: *Hundreds of original areas and hundreds of imported/modified areas. *Instanced areas including the ability to planar travel. *Some areas that are generated with random, weighted-random, or context-smart-random layouts, mobs, items, rooms and content. *Thousands of character abilities. *Expertise system that provides bonuses to specific abilities to heighten character variations. *Detailed crafting system to create thousands of items including armors, weapons, carts, food, wands and potions (and many, many other items). *Conquest system, whereby clans can take control of an area (most cities may not be CONQUERED, to provide players with a safe base of operations). *Clan system with clan perks and clan trophies for top performing clans. *Legal system in most major cities, and the ability of Clans to apply custom laws to conquered territories. *Title system. *Account-based system allowing you to have 50 characters per account. *Achievement system that provides bonuses, titles, and other rewards for certain actions. Some of the achievements are personal achievements, some provide account-wide bonuses. *Remort system with permanent account rewards. *Personal and Clan property system, including large sailing ships. *Breeding system to create characters with lineage, and even unique dynamically created cross-breeds. *Ship to ship combat. *Set Deities, rituals, and bonuses from worshipping them. *Configuration settings to customize your gameplay and facilitate gameplay from screen readers.

CoffeeMUD even offers different ways to interface with the world by logging into optional ports for a different feel to the game. Besides the basic mud ports on 23 and 2323, you can elect for a persistent Player-Kill port that opts out of the hunger and thirst systems in exchange for the inability to toggle off your player-kill flag on port 2324. For a more challenging and fast pace game, logging in through port 2325 (to a separate account) will allow you to earn triple combat experience, but enforces a perma-death rule without any possibility for resurrection. And our high Role-Playing port on 2326 allows players who desire a more immersive experience to remain in character and be rewarded for their character-driven experience.

Mud Theme: Fantasy on steroids -- stock with a twist!

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Review posted by Chamomile
Posted on Thu Apr 11 03:59:54 2019 / 0 comments
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I just noticed an automated email from 2 days ago that gave me 24 hr warning of purging my character. I understand not keeping around characters that were barely used, but only 24 hour warning is a bit ridiculous. It's not a good sign or encouraging that you want new players to return. Many games will send a reminder, or update of events, to encourage us to play. I don't know if I'd go through the trouble of making another character here. I found the char creation process to be unclear on the limits/guild choices of the type of race I chose the first time around, which was expressed to a GM.

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Review posted by Irwinslore
Posted on Sat Jul 2 17:22:08 2005 / 0 comments
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I have played on many codebases during my years of mudding. None comes close to CoffeeMud in what I want out of a mud.

Skills that let you craft usable, and useful, items. Buying land and building your own home. Clan systems that allow political conflict and conquering of areas. A mulitude of skill/class/race combinations that allow almost anyone to find their character.

CoffeeMud has a dedicated staff and coders that work on a living codebase. I applaud them for their work and the fun it brings others and myself.

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