Welcome to Ansalon,

Ansalon is a Dragonlance MUD (Multi User Dungeon, Text Based RPG Game) where a player can become a character in the DragonLance world, alongside other players all in real time. Your character can be a on of the Five Elf races, Six Dwarf races, a Human, a Minotaur, a fun-loving Kender, or any of a multitude of races.

Ansalon has been up and running since 1996. It is a stable, well-developed world, with custom code and custom areas to explore. Even over a decade later, we're making upgrades and changes on a weekly basis!

Ansalon is always looking for new players with new stories to tell and new conflicts to insight. Speaking of stories, check out our stories page!! Thousands of stories from 1999 through now! Read them by author, updated as they post!

Newbies are encouraged and with them in mind, Ansalon offers detailed maps and lots of people willing to help out and give advice so that folks unused to Ansalon _don't_ have to struggle through the often painful process of learning a new MUD. There is a great 'USE' command for almost any object you find, give it a shot! Ask questions on the Newbie channel (or OOC), get all of the free maps from the school..

We fully encourage clans and other organizations. Perhaps you'd like to join the Solamnic Knights? Or join the Conclave of Mages? Or maybe you want to take over the world in one of the wings of Takhisis' Dragonarmies? No matter what your character wants to do, there's a clan that should suit his/her taste.

This is the Dragonlance MUD that people talk about... We welcome all of you home.

Noted additions: random generated treasures, random gen weapons, 5 coin system, gem currency, full on insane fishing code (100+ species)!, drinking anywhere that makes sense, corks & labels for potions, fountains that gurgle and refill, nuances that make the game feel real, much much more! See our changes page on the web by year at:

Visit our website at:

Mud Theme: DragonLance

Client Recommendation: MUSHclient for MXP use is suggested but not required.

Ansalon Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Enmity
Posted on Tue Oct 10 19:34:46 2017 / 0 comments
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DO NOT pick the PK option unless you like redoing a lot of things again. The game is full of people who have played for years and apparently have low level twinks. I only got a 'Watch out this guy is coming for you message' It wasn't even a fight. This guy literally just logged on to his low level character tracked me down while shopping wiped the floor with me and took things i either don't know where to get again or had to spend quest points to buy. It was very discouraging in the least. I had a hard enough time finding the things I did just to stay strong enough to keep leveling. Its a good game just don't plan on picking the PK option unless you already have an encyclopedic knowledge of this game. It will ruin it for you.

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Review posted by Masticore
Posted on Fri Sep 15 10:56:35 2017 / 0 comments
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I've played Ansalon on and off for almost 20 years at this point. It's been a long time since I played regularly (maybe 5 years or so), but in the past few months I've come back to it and am just having a blast.

The player base ebbs and flows, but I've seen lots of familiar faces since I've come back (and even more new ones). The staff has always been great and the players that have stuck around (or are coming around for the first time) are great people. The world itself is just awesome. I've seen it grow from stock ROM areas to interesting original content with tons of really fun code tweaks.

There's obviously a learning curve - but everyone is helpful enough that this curve gets eliminated pretty quickly. I really can't say how happy I am to be back and to see that RP is happening, the world continues to change, PK is generally getting back up with some pretty great RP (and is optional for anyone concerned), and that the things I love about the game have not only continued but improved.

I also want to just thank everyone who makes it possible (and I know you're not doing it alone Dave - but thanks for keeping everything alive).

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Review posted by JC John Sese Cuneta
Posted on Fri Sep 25 19:51:22 2015 / 0 comments
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My very first online game was with AnsalonMUD way back in late 1997. As a huge fan of DragonLance, I was very picky, I want an online game that is as close as possible to the world of DL. AnsalonMUD filled that perfectly.

Friendly and helpful people. Role-playing is excellent. After being gone for a decade and a half, the atmosphere not only stayed the same, it's better. The community especially, more role-playing, healthy at that, bigger, and the overall experience is, as always, memorable.

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Review posted by Zana
Posted on Sat Jul 27 09:45:04 2013 / 1 comment
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This appears to be a game that is battling against a player recession, which is unfortunate, considering the amount of effort put forth by the developers, that is evident in the game environment.

I found Ansalon to be quite engaging, however the lack of an active playerbase actually dulled this experience. Recently, I attempted to access the game website, to submit a survey that was suggested in-game, however this resulted in a 404 error.

There is little more I can say about this game, since to date I haven't been able to contact an immortal or 'player helper' representative for assistance.

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Comment posted on Sat Jul 27 01:28:24 2013 by Zivilyn:

Hi Zana! I totally hear you. I was gone from the game for a year, and a year or so (about a year before that) due to divorce and relocation etc. I've recently come back to the game (a few months ago) and am actively developing the game again. During my absence a few other imms were around but didn't have quite the same vision I've had for the game for the last decade plus. A big part of that is staff/player interaction, the social aspect of MUD gaming.

Anyway, we hope you'll give it another shot, if it's the Zana of old, welcome back! I'm generally online M-F 8-4:30 or so, PST. Not a lot of time outside of work time heh.

Thanks for your words, they haven't fallen on deaf ears. - Ziv/Dave/Skol etc.

Review posted by Marianne
Posted on Fri Oct 8 20:37:01 2010 / 0 comments
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I came to Ansalon on the recommendation of a friend. Her recommendation was correct; it WAS a fun place, but the mud is full of jerks who really have little to do except whine and complain about the fact that the mud has both Pk players and NOPK players. I won't return to this place as the OOC conversation about the PK/NOPK rift is completely and totally out of control, even though I was told that the rift was stopped. (Apparently not). Thanks Mieren for inviting me to play, but I'll take my gaming elsewhere.

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Review posted by Danny Thornhill *Tachande*
Posted on Wed Mar 25 21:22:46 2009 / 0 comments
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Well, to start off. Ansalon has one of the friendliest Immortal staff and player bases I have ever experienced in a mud. From the get go, I was warmly welcomed and helped after a LONG hiatus from the mud.

The people playing within are extremely helpful in Equipment runs and Roleplaying suggestions. The maps made for the mud are above all, one of the most helpful bases for moving throughout the mud. Even when you're in a gray area, which are few, you can easily be helped by either an immortal or Player.

The item base in the game is BROAD, and wickedly fun to use, find, trade, and quest for. The quests are varied and fun, and the classes, races, and roleplay are unique in each and every way.

Thank you, Zivilyn and Other Imps, Immortal, Veterans, and players whom have given so much to make a truly Wonderful Mud. :)

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Review posted by Zivilyn
Posted on Sat Nov 25 19:07:59 2006 / 0 comments
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Money change! Ansalon now has a five (5) coin monetary system!!! This will allow for more accurate costs on items, as well as a lighter load to carry. Platinum = pp = The rarest metal coin on Ansalon Steel = st Silver = sp Gold = gp Copper = cp 1 pp = 100 st = 10,000 sp = 1,000,000 gp = 100,000,000 cp 1 st = 100 sp = 10,000 gp = 1,000,000 cp 1 sp = 100 gp = 10,000 cp 1 gp = 100 cp IE. A diamond that was worth 11,000 gp (110 st), is now 11,000 cp (110 gp) A star diamond was worth 1,100,000 gp (11,000 st), now worth 1 st, 10 sp (1.1 st) It's not a change of worth or cost, simply the denomination of the coins. The old 'gold and steel' is now 'copper and gold' but we have 3 more coins of incremental values of 100. IE 1 Copper of the new money is worth 1 of todays gold. 1 Gold of the new money is worth 1 of todays steel. 1 Silver of the new money, is worth 100 of todays steel. 1 Steel of the new money, is worth 10,000 of todays steel. 1 Platinum of the new money, is worth 1 MILLION of todays steel. So what this ends up doing you ask? A loaf of bread for 4 copper, a sword for 6 gold (or 600 copper), a long range crossbow might be 1 silver 2 gold (102 gold, or 10,200 copper). 2 coins was so 90's ;D (Ps. I realize that 'in the books' DL has different values, but those values did not translate into a very easily played online game, so each became an increment of 100.)

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Review posted by Simon Huxley
Posted on Wed Apr 12 20:01:54 2006 / 1 comment
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There are some good things about this MUD. Reasonable playerbase, some nice modifications, sensible economy. The thing that really put me off it, however, is its approach to dying. Basically as soon as you set foot outside your home city or do any exploring in general, high-level aggressive mobiles and 'death rooms' abound. This wouldn't be a big problem if the MUD approach to death wasn't 'your corpse and all your belongings stay in the room unless you can get back there equipmentless and not die, or have a ridiculous amount of money to pay for your corpse to be magically returned.' Your corpse will also decay in 15 minutes real-time, which is a shorter length of time than most of the MUDs I've played on.

To be fair, if there's an imm around they might return your corpse for you, but there won't always be, and they don't have to, by any means.

It's a shame, really. It's a good MUD apart from this glaring problem, and if it weren't for this 'feature' I'd have no problem recommending to anyone. As it stands, after the third complete-eq-loss-with-no- chance-of-retrieval due to no-warning 'sudden death' fun I couldn't keep playing. It was just too disheartening.

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Comment posted on Wed Apr 12 12:09:30 2006 by Zivilyn:

I completely understand and sympathize with the dying aspects Simon, when I first started mudding I had the same issues. I mean, you get on a new mud with a huge world.. you wander forever and die... how to get back? The mud has been being built for the last 9+ years, so it's gotten extremely expansive.

One thing is that corpses are automatically returned if you're low level, but that doesn't help if you get past that point and still are 'new'. That is something from the Diku/merc/Rom line of things, although we have raised the level so they come back to you longer.

We do try to retrieve corpses (especially for newer players as we do realize the mud is extremely large), but true, we aren't always able to be there.

The healer corpse return option was set up at the going rate of a 'quest note' which is the cost of a corpse return with an immortal (although we generally do it for free for new chars as above). I am open to options and ideas, a flexible scale with no note being returned if the corpse isn't available for example, might be a viable choice. With the note being given upon no corpse, it would quickly become a loophole where someone buys 100 steel quest notes, so we'd have to remove the note part.

Player corpses actually last for 40 minutes (real time), (40 ticks, 10 hours game time). Sometimes that is long enough, other times it doesn't seem to be. Perhaps player corpses should simply not rot if there is anything within them? Honestly, I'm very open to suggestion (we just hadn't had a discourse on this subject that I remember on the mud).

There is always the option of noting immortal if you've died and can't get back to your corpse. My first priority is that this game be enjoyable, and completely re-equipping is not generally something I put in that category. If you do die, and can't find your way back (or no immortals are available, no high level mages etc), by all means let the imms know. We are here to help and we do realize that learning a game of this sheer size can take some time (years in fact).

As far as agro's... some areas do have adjacent areas that aren't as friendly (namely neraka forest north of Neraka, or the marsh). Yet as a player, I always felt strange when i could walk into a room as a goodie dwarf... an evil goblin standing there with a hobgoblin and they're way tough... and they just stand there. For me, it took the life out of the game, not having to fear for mine. Though, I completely agree that the 'death rooms' (DT's Death Traps they're affectionately called by a morbid few) are not generally needed. These are something that goes back to the early days in the Diku line (IE. Gerighelm and Death with his Scythe, although at higher levels we'd always go back and rip him for past offensives ;p). I personally am for removing the DT's, at least having an exit available on those few ones we have left.

What I found to help when I started, was to group up with people, learn the ropes and the areas with people who know them. The entire 'party' idea of mudding (and D&D for that matter) is safety in numbers. The towns are generally safe, but outside of them you do have wilds where things aren't always such.

Anyway, I'm sorry you found things difficult, I do realize that Ansalon is very large and sometimes aggressive. I hope you were able to enjoy some of the aspects and had fun.

Ziv/Skol, but mostly Dave.

Review posted by Zivilyn
Posted on Tue Feb 28 22:24:24 2006 / 0 comments
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The Fishing Items: Fishing ROD - these can be of different lengths and strengths. BAIT - based on size and how desirable the bait is, experiment. LINE - line size is key. Big is strong, but fish can see it easier. You can have line break off, and still have line, just less of it. You will need new hooks, bait, sinker... SINKER - big you can make go lower, small you can raise... Sinkers are needed only to change depth. HOOK - size and strength, big scares little fish, little won't catch big fish.

How to fish: fish - If you are holding an equipped rod, you can fish. ie - Fish north, you will cast your line north.

FISH lower - This will attempt to lower depth of your bait FISH raise - This attempts to raise depth of your bait.

FISH reel - This is the command that attempts to reel in line. You'll want to reel until you lose or land the fish... But, you have to be mindful of the direction the fish is going, if it's going nuts, let it play a bit, then reel.

FISH REEL Left/Right/back - Reel with or against the fish...

How to: Get set up: Buy rod, line, hook, sinker, and some of your favorite bait. PUT line rod, put hook rod, put sinker rod, put bait rod... wear rod... Then... Fish!

Get the fish: Nibbles, watch... wait. Dead line, or bite, FISH REEL!!! Keep reeling! Once you land it, 'get fish rod' to remove it. That's it!

The fish are sellable. Version 1.2 coming soon (120+ fish species)(90 species so far). Its rumored that a fishmarket buys the fish, other shops may as well. Some food shops are known to... making bait, cooking all kinds of things, in version 1.2, sooooon.

Ziv, the crazy fisherman.

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Review posted by Skol
Posted on Wed Dec 7 20:48:50 2005 / 0 comments
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Holy Cow! If it wasn't for backups... well for one, this mud wouldn't be here after the Cataclysm. But also, all the stories from 1999 through present are now online!!!!

The system is automated now so that all notes written to 'all' will now show up under that author's page (or create a page if they don't have one). Hours of reading... heck it's days of reading. Get those sweats on, don't shower or shave, get a good blanket, a cup a' joe, and I'll see you next Tuesday.

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Review posted by Khoren
Posted on Sun May 16 22:01:15 2004 / 0 comments
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I've been mudding at Ansalon for a really long time, and no matter how often I take a 'break' from it, I'll always end up coming back. For the fun code, for the people. There's only so many photo-realistic 3d games you can play before you get bored. Ansalon is one of the most replayable games I've ever tried.

As a mud, it has a strong sense of community and thats a large reason why I keep coming back; to see my old friends and do a little RP. There are very few times where you will be the only one logged on, unless its at say 5 am: even then you will be one of two or three people.

There are always immortals on you can bug...err ask for help. Anyway, I would recommend this mud to anyone who loves Dragonlance or just fantasy rp in general.

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Review posted by Skol
Posted on Mon Oct 6 21:45:15 2003 / 0 comments
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Hey there traveller, Here's a little insight into things that are unique on Ansalon. Ansalon has: A unique system of MERCHANT SHIPS which can transport you to different port cities for no charge, all it takes is some time. Based upon the distance between ports. MORE GORE!!!! Body parts galore! With over 3 times the body parts of stock ROM, you'll see bits and pieces flying all over, and they tend to ooze, bleed, gush and slip about. Eat a heart, it's a kick. PRETITLES. So you want to be Lord MacFie, or perhaps The Filcher Grumash. No longer is it just first names and a title, let's get some of that roleplay going. HOME COUPONS. Eat one, you go home, whew, that Lava was about to bust my heiney, thank Reorx for that home coupon. SETABLE RECALL POINTS. Hey, for some reason, I don't like _always_ appearing in the Temple of Takhisis, how about moving mine to my home in the outskirts of Neraka? Sure thing. MORE GORE 2!! Hey, I always wanted to whip someone with that rat tail, or stab them with the tooth of that basilisk...Now you can! Some body parts are weapons! A centralized MAP system. No more buying outdated maps from the guy in Sanction, just because he's _slow_. Now maps are all made by Harol, our friendly cartographer, and then delivered to our map shops around the world. Good thing too, I heard Solace got a makeover. BUTCHERS!! With all those body parts, someone should cook them up so we can eat them later. Someone shall. SNEAK AND HIDE. How about something a little more role play? You got it, now your character will slide behind tree trunks, hide behind a rock, or dive into a pile of sand. And wait till you decide to come out. PETS SUCK. Not anymore pal. Pets now can be fitted with the finest equipment you can buy, assuming they have arms and legs and half a brain. And hey, let's be able to feed them potions and pills! GNOMETALK SUCKS! I can't make one talk slow enough to not make him more annoying than a kender! Well folks, slow speak is now in, slow it down there Glursockabillitillithurtsthentakehisinventionandcallitmyown... MONEY. Newbies now have money, food, all sorts of things. No more starving while trying to find out where the dang food court is, or scrounging for 2 steel to buy a loaf of bread. BANK ALL. Weren't you tired of having to count out your money to deposit? Me too. Bank all does all at once. SPELL FLAVOR! Spells now do some great role play actions, like tossing powder, a shrunken head, I always found it boring that you just said a funky word, didn't you? So wave that burning brand and flameshield someone. AUCTION. Auctions are back, now you can auction within the auction houses, and safely transfer items at no risk to your own skin, money too for that matter. TRUE FAITH. Whew, my alignment is fixed now, and no immortal in sight. Good thing I can eat that coupon. OOC SAYS. For those of you who can't figure out that 'My car is in the shop' isn't in character? Now I can ram it down your throat with an 'out of character' say. RED GLOWING EYES! Ever wonder why infravision only gave you glowing red eyes in the dark, but didn't let you see a dang thing? Me too. Now you can make out the general shape and even an idea of the kind of creature you're seeing in that dark and spooky place. These are just some of the recent changes we've made to Ansalon, all of which help make it a more unique world with rich role playing, and a great place to MUD. I'd like to tell everyone that in the last 4 years of my building/imm'ing/coding and playing on Ansalon, I've found the world go from a rather flat adaptation... into one full of life and fervor. The mud is huge, with limitless possibilities for roleplay, and truly an explorer's mud. I hope you enjoy it, as we are constantly trying to make improvements to benefit game play. Feel free to comment, I will answer all.

Zivilyn/Skol at yer service.

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