2016's Eternal Darkness
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2016's Eternal Darkness We Have Moved! Our new address is: eternaldarkness.net 9700 Come join the adventure, mayhem, and fun of Eternal Darkness, one of the most unique and exciting MUDs on the net! Great new zones, terrifying foes, and plenty of surprises await the true adventurer to discover and conquer.

An extensive clan system, equipment forge system, and rare loads are some of the features of the game. Players may choose to rise to unlimited levels, or to remort to our Dragon levels. After reaching Eternal Dragon status, continue on to our newest feature - Titan levels! With our extensive spell spheres, gods, and guilds, players will have unique combinations which will make them different from any other player on the game! Become top dog on ED!

Are you up to the challenge? Show us who's boss and what you are made of.

Will you be one of the survivors in this dark and desolate land? See you soon!

Mud Theme: Fantasy

2016's Eternal Darkness Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Tony
Posted on Thu Jan 1 04:03:55 1970 / 0 comments
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This review is from a Player of the server.

Experience: Played when I was 12 years old back in 1996 during the old prime days, when the server was "poppin." played for about 2 years, the game was super hard back then. Fastward 22 years, 2018. Feeling like I haven't made a dent in this game, I decided to come back and play on this mud, this time for real, and with an adult mentality(sort of, lol). I've been playing this mud to close to a year now, and I can honestly say even though, I've reached the heights of Dragon Titan(remort +25?) with 3 characters, I still feel like I haven't learned enough. The depth in this game is so deep and bottomless, it's no wonder people whom I played with in 96' still plays it today.

Today: As the mud sits today, a lot of brand new things are happening, here's my experience with it. I was actually in hatis for about a month and a half, came back, there's new zones, new policies and new faces. The community is growing and ďpoppinĒ the new prime days are here! The immortals are making events happen on the daily, with incentives to help new and old players alike, progression is made easier now, and the game is a lot more enjoyable and welcoming. With what the immortals have in stored for us for future content I cannot wait. It is 2019 and they are still in the process of making of new zones, new events, and with new faces coming in, on the daily, what more do you want!? I suggest and recommend this mud to any mudders out there!

ps. If you do decide to join in on the fun, message me in game @ "DivineAngel" I will help you out to the best of my abilities and get you started on the right foot. With much love and respect, DivineAngel out, Iíll see you in game!

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Review posted by MonkeyKing
Posted on Thu Sep 26 09:32:49 2019 / 0 comments
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I have been playing this game on and off since the late 90s and only recently returned to find many familiar faces and a great staff looking to ensure folks are having fun. I am looking forward to catching up with good friends and meeting new ones here on ED. The game has changed so much over the years, but if you are looking for a place to hang out with a fun community with dozens of viable build combinations check out ED.

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Review posted by Brent
Posted on Thu Sep 26 09:32:49 2019 / 0 comments
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This is the best mud I've every played. There is an ever growing player base and zones to explore. The staff running the mud are great to work with and a quick to adjust should issues be identified. I'm always excited to hear about additions and changes to the game.

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Review posted by Long time player
Posted on Tue Sep 2 17:45:15 2008 / 1 comment
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I first started playing this mud in 1998, after two years I took a leave of absence until '08 when I came back. The mud has changed completely. No one speaks to anyone anymore, when I ask for help I am ignored or insulted by the older players.

The rules are not binding and the immortals enforce them in favor of specific players. Sadly, I will not be back.

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Comment posted on Wed Aug 27 22:37:57 2008 by Corvus:

We do find at times that when people are disciplined on Eternal Darkness that it generally results in a bad review or two, instead of the most logical procedure of filing a complaint with an upper level Immortal to conduct a review of the situation. Unfortunately we do have rules and do enforce them on the game, especially when it comes to language as we are, and state, a PG or 'family friendly' mud and like to keep the environment as that.

I do hope in future people find that if they are disciplined for not abiding by our rules of conduct of the game that they can follow the procedures stated or simply conduct their behavior in a more appropriate manner.

Review posted by Ralgith/Erian
Posted on Tue Aug 21 10:29:59 2012 / 1 comment
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To begin, I'm am currently banned from this MUD, and I deserve it. I cheated, and I'd continue to cheat if I was still actively playing this MUD.

The long and short of it, is that this MUD is no longer 'fun'. Getting any of the worthwhile equipment is crazy hard, and takes literal WORK. No equipment in a GAME should take YEARS to get.

In addition to this, many of the mobiles in this MUD are either overpowered, or woefully under experience/golded. Especially for their equipment. There are zones with equipment for characters remort 2 160 and higher. Yet, it takes a 5th remort or better to kill most of the mobiles. This is to encourage 'grouping', but has the exact opposite effect, because usually the people who CAN tank them, just go and kill them, then try and rip the lower player off on the cost of the equip.

Another of the things I consider absolute ridiculous stupidity is certain forge items being so rare as to make them worthless. There are two zones with forgers where every forge in the zone has a common piece, and in both cases that COMMON piece used in every forge from the zone, is the rarest. To the point where you will get between 5 and 20 of the other pieces before you get the common one. How does that make any sense? Especially since the rarity of the Atlanean Flask is so crazy that it may take as many as 2000 kills of the mobile before the item loads.

To continue, there is a 'museum' on this MUD, with several wings that you can only get into if you fall into the proper remort range for that wing. In the Staff Wing, the mobiles are not killable by the HIGHEST remort allowed in, unless you get a large group with at least two kindred (which have a special stun ability 'bloodsuck') and go between the hours of 10pm and 2am MUD time. Which is also ridiculous, since there are no longer more than one or two characters in the proper remort range anymore. Thus the mobiles in the zone are just plain unkillable.

Another of my major complaints is the lack of courtesy from one player to another. As Jessica pointed out, many players suffer from 'elitism' and are egotisical jerks who are consistently rude to new players and those they consider 'inferior'.

To reiterate my point about the incredibly low load rates, there is equipment set to load at only 0.2%, on a mobile that can only spawn every two hours, and is very hard to kill. In theory, it should load twice in every 1000 kills of this mobile, however in practicality with computer random used in circlemud, it is more like 1 in 3000.

How is that at all practical? So, I cheated to get several of these pieces of equipment that would take literal years of attempts to get playing several hours a day every day. I'm sorry, but I have a life, and this is a GAME that should NOT take up all my time.

That all said, the MUD does have its merits. Such as its unique learning system. Also its clans. And in the wide variety of things it offers.

Still, I'd prefer a MUD that has such good features, AND doesn't take my entire life to get anywhere with it. So, I began coding my own. And I've taken a significant amount of my friend's from Eternal Dumbness with me. And I don't care that this is illegal on this MUD, they can no longer punish me in any way.

Dylan a.k.a. Ralgith, Erian, Saerith, Drakoth, Kaelic, Kiln, and many many more ;)

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Comment posted on Sat Aug 18 09:55:15 2012 by Bone:

I began mudding here in 1997, i do not share the disdain that this player has for this mud, the equipment is rare yes, the staff wing is nowhere near unkillable as this person says, ive done it many times you just have to have the right group, in the museum if a piece of eq isnt loaded people just dont go there, its worth checking and it does not take hours to kill the mob either, i have plenty of fun on this mud and always help out new players, so do many others, please dont take this banned cheater's comments to be the honest truth, people get angry when they get banned for cheating. anyhow i hope to see you there :)


Review posted by Jessica
Posted on Sun Dec 16 20:40:10 2007 / 0 comments
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This is a great MUD code and world wise, however it suffers from a fatal flaw. While the members of the nemesis clan (a clan devoted to new players) are great at helping you out... the rest of the players and several immortals seem to treat new players with complete disrespect.

This has already driven me away from this game, as the STAFF of a game should never be pigs towards a player. Nor should they allow such elitism as displayed on this game.

A few examples of the things that have been done to me that are minor, but also contributed to my decision to leave:

During a quest run by an immortal, the immortal asked a question and said that there were 3 answers (which he was wrong about anyway) and I gave 2 correct answers, but was only rewarded for one. When I asked the immortal why I was only awarded for one, I was completely ignored. So, I quit participating in the quest, and the immortal quits giving it. Thus punishing ALL the players for their own ignorance in thinking that there were only 3 1994 Nobel prize winners, and not giving proper rewards.

The MUD itself has an intrinsic downside in that it is 99% hack and slash. So, trying to liven things up I started a word game over chat, and was rather rudely told by first a couple players, (who hid behind a special invis that I could not see yet) and an immortal, to stop. They said I was 'spamming' and called me rude names, with the least offensive being dumb. Several people were enjoying playing the game, yet the few had to be pigs about it, including an immortal.

I am also constantly criticized for being a female, simply because in the past many males on this MUD have pretended to be female in order to get free equipment and levels from those long time players who are perhaps a little desperate and starved for female affection. Talk about a real turn off.

So, despite enjoying the MUD itself, and the members of the Nemesis Clan, and the company of one very kind immortal... I am moving on. Maybe it is time for me to cease mudding in general. I do not know. But if you desire a MUD that doesn't cater only to the 'best of the best', don't play here.

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Review posted by Lisolo
Posted on Thu Sep 26 09:32:49 2019 / 2 comments
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Eternal Darkness has been my home in the mud world for over 2 years now, and I have more fun every week. The players on Eternal Darkness are what make it so great. The Immortal is very helpful and very friendly.

Eternal Darkness has one of the best systems of helping new players I have ever seen. Along with the mud school, there is a clan dedicated to helping new players though their first remort. With Leaders picked by the Immortal staff you can count on them to help answer any questions you may have. Many players have opted to wear the (NEWBIE_HELPER) flag, which is a sign that they are also more than happy to help anyway they can, from corpse retrieval to questions about which god is best for which race and guild.

But itís not all about the newbies. With remort levels going up to Eternal Titan, 20 remorts, some zones are restricted to certain remort levels. Places like Therak are only for people over Dragon level 5, while somewhere like City of the Ancient Dragons is only for people Eternal Dragon or higher. With equipment ranging from non-remort to Titan level 1 there are countless amounts of items to be found.

And with a staff of builders working hard to bring in new zones, there will be no shortage of new and interesting zones to find and explore.

But as you can tell, I am very biased towards this place, so donít take my word for it, come on and look around. I might even end up helping you out if you ask.


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Comment posted on Sun Sep 14 10:31:38 2014 by Claud_Max:

There is something very wrong... I go to the website listed for the game and it isn't the game's website at all, it's an ad page for things totally unrelated to this or any other MUD. Then I try to play the game and it isn't allowing new players? 'Sorry, new players can't be created at the moment. Connection closed by server.' Guess I won't be playing this one at all. Would be nice if someone running the game mentioned that it's not accepting new players and when/if they ever will. A bit disappointed but not having a valid homepage for the game should have told me something.

Comment posted on Sat Sep 14 01:00:57 2019 by ZeroSum:

Regarding Claud_Max's reply to Lisolo's review: Something IS very wrong here and it's the reply to this comment by CM. This mud has ALWAYS had it's website hosted by the same people off it's own server. It never was or will be nor can it ever have been or be a site for ads or any such non-sense. Secondarily, we do not even have a function that stops the creation of new players, period. I'm my twenty plus years playing this mud I have only seen wizlock used once and that was when a disgruntled player kept creating 100's of newbs to spam the mud. The message you quoted is not the message you receive when wizlock is enables, in fact, I'm almost positive it just prevents you from logging on and doesn't deny character creation. I'd test it out but unlike the mud you obviously came from, our mud is too active to run such tests. I don't know what your deal is but openly lying like that just makes you look foolish.

Review posted by Kamoko
Posted on Mon May 9 20:43:23 2005 / 0 comments
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Eternal Darkness has a number of very unique features. It's skill/spell system is very indepth, taking a number of things into consideration, such as race, guild and god, when figuring out how good you are at various skills.

Other unique features include invul_power, and Spell power, reducing the damage you take and increasing the effectiveness of spells respectively.

There are a large number of zones to explore, including lots of puzzles, and quests to keep you busy.

ED is wey user friendly, with a clan dedicated to helping newbies, and many other people who help too. (look out for the NEWBIE_HELPER flag)

There is incredible scope for advancement, with up to 20 remort levels available, with more in the works.

In all, ED is one of the best muds on the net. It's well worth the time to play, the people are great, and the imms are fun.

Come and join the fun on Eternal Darkness. ed.wolfpaw.net:9700

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Review posted by Glemlin
Posted on Sun May 16 19:00:24 2004 / 0 comments
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While running circle mud, it has been constantly modified since the mud's creation date of which I'm unsure (existed years prior to my start 5 years ago).

Multiplaying is supported up to three characters, the only real enforced rule with multiplaying is all your characters must be in the same clan.

There are well over 15000 rooms, all original. There are over 350 skills and spells available. The mud is newbie friendly, including a clan specifically for helping newbies.

There are the primary four classes; Warrior, Mage, Cleric and Thief. Ontop of these four classes there are 18 guilds (sub-classes).

12 different Races exist, each with a size which varies between 1 and 5, since equipment is different sizes a race can wear one size larger or smaller than their actual size, and all races may wear size 0 equipment.

There also exist 22 different gods, each giving different sphere values (races and guilds also have distinctive sphere values). Spheres range from 0 to 30 and determine the level and percentage you may practice skills and spells.

These races, gods and guilds give range for hundreds of possible combinations, some of which have special bonuses such as extra dodging, blocking, abilities..

There are 20 remort levels available, and start as non-remort, 176 levels each. Non-remort -> Dragon 1-9 -> Eternal Dragon -> Titan 1-9 -> Eternal Titan.. Though you can remort at level 176, you may level to level 299 giving a minimum of 3819 levels.

Additional statistics: invulnpower (damage reduction) spellpower (spell damage increase) exp bonus (experience bonus) haste (percentage of additional attack)

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