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Multi-Genre CircleMUD derivative with a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor!

January 04, 2020
Medieval fantasy hack-n-slash, PVE - botting legal

January 04, 2020
MUDding's first zombie apocalyptic MUD is back from the grave with more zombies, more guns, and more bugs!

[Circlemud] LexiMUD
December 19, 2019
Ankh-Morpork MUSH.

[Unknown] ARESMUSH
December 13, 2019
There is a certain mystique about the Windy City -- something that a person can't quite put a finger on, but everyone knows it. The clouds are unusually dark and heavy....

[MUX] Tiny mux
December 12, 2019
Old school heavily modified Smaug 1.4a MUD from days past.

[Smaug] 1.4a
December 12, 2019
Welcome to Asgardian Nightmare

[Rot] Asgard
January 04, 2020
Dragon Ball New Universe is a DragonBall MUD that has undergone a complete transformation from a stock mud to a more...

[Smaug] Dbsaga, Dbr, dbna2, dbnu.1.
January 02, 2020
Legends of Hatred is the continuation of Moments of Hatred which was created in 2010 by Jaden. Legends of Hatred (then MoH) started as an OLD school classic GodWars MUD, based...

[GodWars] MoH->LoH 5.12
January 01, 2020
People have said that Mage: the Ascension could never be a MUD.. Let's prove them wrong! The server is always open...

January 01, 2020
Infinite adventure, decades of custom development, totally free, no pwipes!

[Dikumud] Original / HEAVILY modifi
December 30, 2020
Classes: Monk, Ninja, Bishop, Armswielder, Archmage, Bard 4000 - 2nd Tier coming!

[Rot] Rot 1.4 and Rom 2.4
December 30, 2020
Online for over 20 years, we are one of the longest running GodWars MUDs.

[GodWars] Deluxe (Extremely Modifie
December 21, 2019
A dark and immersing "cyber-fi" roleplaying game.

[Rom] Customized beyond recognition
December 19, 2019
If it's not right, let's fix it together!

December 18, 2019
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Dragonball New Universe -- Mud Review posted by Clear
Review Thread Last Updated Sat 04 Jan 2020 12:47:13 PM MST / 0 comments
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Early last year, I popped in on this MUD while looking through the Dragonball MUDs on this site. I was looking for something nostalgic to play with a friend. I was surprised when I logged in to find its community and staff active. The changes board showed pages and pages of updates made to the game just within the last couple of days! I really didn't expect it to be so alive, as these things tend to stagnate. They were all incredibly friendly to me, with another player called Euthansia taking me up under his wing to help me out and show me around, and Schil(who is still a Head Admin) doing much the same, even allowing me to test out an archetype I wanted to play(More on those later) since the MUD was still in beta.

The second thing I noticed was that while the game still had that vaguely nostalgic feeling, its systems were VASTLY different than I was used to. Its combat is far more engaging, with a timer system on attacks to make you think about what attacks to use and when, rather than just spamming whatever your highest PL attack was. None of the stock areas that seem to come with all Saga clones are on the areas list either; Its areas are all unique and very well detailed, managing to feel very different from each other through clever use of area and room flags as well as extensive quests scattered throughout them.

Then there's the biggest unaddressed features: Its races and archetypes selection. It has a nice selection of races, both classic to Dragonball canon as well as some others which take inspiration from the series while mixing in its own flavours. These races all come with different skills, transformations and such - as you would expect - But where in most other Dragonball MUDs I've played the differences are largely cosmetic, these skills and transformations genuinely make the races feel different from each other. They accomplish this by giving every race a list of advantages and disadvantages, and coding unique affects for skills unique to that race.

As cool as that is, that's not even touching on the other thing I mentioned, the archetypes. Archetypes are a kind of sub-race or class within a given race that makes them even more unique. So for example, the Namekian race has four unique archetypes within itself! The difference between say, a Fighter Namekian and a Dragon Clan Namekian is absolutely massive. They play almost nothing alike, and they're the exact same race. Imagine how much different either one of those feels to play compared to one of the other, different races. The highest recommendation I can give is this: The system for races & archetypes is 100% the thing that hooked me into this MUD initially. I actually remember reading through the helpfiles and feeling the exact moment I knew I was hooked.

As much fun as it was, after a few weeks I actually quit the MUD for a while; Not because of anything wrong with the MUD itself, but because my friend had left for personal reasons and I didn't want to keep playing without him. Its systems are definitely addictive though, because I thought about it from time to time, wanting to hop back in and explore more of it. Wondering what sort of changes they'd made in the mean time.

Then, late last year (November, I think) I actually came back to it with friend in tow and found that as expected the updates had been MASSIVE. Races were more complete, had more skills, there were far more areas, and the game in general was bigger. Everything I liked was still there, but more refined and running more smoothly. It was fantastic! After playing around for about a week more, I knew it was something I wanted to contribute to myself so I put myself out there and they were happy to hire me on.

Seeing it from behind the scenes has only made me appreciate more what goes into making a MUD of this quality. A month or two later, it now sports TEN more areas and THREE more races than it had when I came back to it late last year. No exaggeration.

At the start of the New Year, DBNU's undergone a playerwipe and has been officially declared to be out of beta. With its fresh launch already underway, now is the absolute best time to get started with us! We have an incredibly active playerbase with upwards of 15+ online during the day and plenty of night owls as well. The community is great, and while some of them like to have a laugh or do the odd murder to each other, at the end of the day everyone's ready to help out a new player.

Thank you to the community for making playing this MUD such an overwhelmingly positive experience. Special thanks to Hokai, Schil, and Magmarashi for creating a great place for that community. :) - Clear

Dark Pawns -- Mud Review posted by Ligo
Review Thread Last Updated Sat 04 Jan 2020 12:44:28 PM MST / 0 comments
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Dark Pawns is a very fun and rewarding MUD, beautiful in its simplicity.

There aren't 100 different races that barely differ from each other and there aren't 50 different classes full of useless skills. Three melee classes and three magic-using classes that allow you to enjoy the world within through their eyes and skills. Classes compliment each other well and you're allowed three characters on at a time, letting you have anything from a traditional tank/damage dealer/healer combo to solo mobs or two damage dealers/support classes and a healer to help other players take down larger foes.

I really love a few things about Dark Pawns: one would be the distribution of gear. Some items are available by killing a fairly easy mob yet are considered an endgame or at least an essential mid-level item. Other pieces of rare gear have very low drop rates and/or are on big mobs that require help from others. This always gives you something to do and strive for.

Another thing I love is the remort system. This allows your base character to turn into a more powerful version of the original class you pick. A mere thief can grow into an assassin, learning new skills, gaining more hit points and hitting harder. You can also continue to remort to keep getting better and better starts until you gain "perfect" stats so that you no longer have to eat or drink.

The combat and mobs you fight are all very cool. With combat it's exciting when you start to get enough decent gear to slash/pierce more difficult mobs hard, contributing to the fight more. You have to use certain skills depending on the fight, like a warrior's bash to knock a magic-using mob to the ground or a thief's circle to backstab during a fight, doing maximum damage while your tank takes hits. Better have a good tank that can rescue you in a moment's notice or you'll get OBLITERATED or EVISCERATED by the mob six times in one round, halving your hp.

The areas all have cool room descriptions and there are some very unique enemies within. Some of my favorite times were going to Amber castle to kill ghosts with my clan mates or to Grey Keep to kill Hiscdrezzez, the snake-like bastard whose room is in a no spell zone so you have to use flee/regen tactics to earn the valuable gear he drops. Other zones require waterwalk or quick traversal to get through safely but always provide good xp or cool eq to be had.

Lastly, the players. I'm not the roleplaying type and neither were these guys from what I could gather, which was a relief to me. Everyone was talking on a personal level when I joined and yet they made me feel welcome right from the beginning, answering any questions I had even when I felt annoying or knew I should just figure it out on my own but wanted to lessen my chances of dying. Clan Trinity is a newbie-focused clan of very capable players but everyone on the mud helped me in a big way, whether it be gear or knowledge; both more often than not.

All of my attempts to describe to you the majesty of Dark Pawns really pales in comparison to actually playing and learning it ... it's truly unique and a pleasure to play. My mind would drift off daily while at work or with friends, wondering what gear I could get on my own, how many levels I could grind out or what big mobs my clan and I would wack that day. Thanks to everyone for making it such a fun game and the immortals for their hard work keeping the place running smoothly.

Please check out to look at the directions to zones while you play to get a feel for the game and the cool stuff you can eventually see. Also type prompt all and auto loot when you make a new character. All of the directions on the site start from Market Square, 4s of the Temple altar in the home town of Kir Drax'in.

Oh, by the way, player killing is allowed so don't throw a tantrum when you get killed for being the newbie.

Armageddon -- Mud Review posted by Bahamet
Review Thread Last Updated Sat 04 Jan 2020 12:44:28 PM MST / 0 comments
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Gameplay is marginally improved from stock DIKU but not by much. If you played a DIKU game in the past you'll be able to figure out how to play pretty easily. Most of the rest of the learning curve is figuring out how to roleplay in the world, which is also pretty easy, since standards are minimal. Just do things your character would do and you should be fine. There's no need to be flashy and write novel-length poses.

The question, really, is why would you want to play? The administration has 17 staff members on it as of this writing. The three Producers direct the game at the topmost level. They "oversee the direction of the world at large and help ensure the atmosphere of the game is constant", according to the website. What this translates to is they ensure nothing of significance changes within the game. There is certainly no worldwide political intrigue; ever since they closed Tuluk off and pretended it doesn't exist, there is no conflict between states. All of the Producers are programmers. They don't care about what makes the game a roleplaying game; things like story are beneath them. They're focused on repeatedly fixing their own mistakes and making sure the game doesn't crash. Then there are three Administrators, who are basically middle management. They try to lead independent spheres of the game, but often get embroiled in rules enforcement and other petty stuff that the Producers should really be handling. There are eight Storytellers, who manage individual clans within those spheres. But since they can only allow things the Administrators allow them to, and Producers give permission to Administrators to act, nothing actually happens since the staff are constantly tied up in a bureaucratic mess. The remaining three staff members are builders, who do an unspecified amount of work since very few new objects get added to the game, and staff are notoriously not fans of adding new things on behalf of players. This mismanaged bureaucracy allows staff to conduct a lot of unofficial actions, such as harassment of players and extensive cheating. Staff's mortal characters are easy to identify by how overpowered they are.

Given staff's focus on making sure nothing of significance actually happens, it's up to players to make the world exciting. What can they do, though? They can ask for permission and aid from staff, who then get to arbitrarily decide if the player's character has the resources and political pull needed to get something done. And if they can't secure that from the staff, then nothing of significance happens. Since it's so difficult to get staff to agree to help with anything, players are left to fend for themselves when it comes to plots. Interpersonal conflict between characters is high because staff have no control or sway over that, so it becomes the primary source of RP. What this ends up amounting to is independent characters trying to set up distribution channels, where hunters grind for raw goods to sell to crafters, who make finished goods to sell on the market. That's the extent of the economic cooperation and competition you'll find on this game. Then there's competition over "mates".which gets incredibly dumb. If you want an easy ride through the game, just roll a female human character and make her reasonably eye-catching. If you're lucky, a PC will scoop you up and will never betray you. If you're unlucky, one of the abusive staff members will send you a very pushy message that can range from unwanted flirting to outright harassment, as what happened recently. Just search for Armageddon on and you will see the relevant posts eventually.

This game is in serious decline, and both the players and staff blame "rogue players" for posting negative reviews, claiming the reviews are falsified in an effort to drag the game's reputation through the mud, so to speak. To that I ask, what reputation? It's already very negative, to the point that the MUD community on Reddit associates the word "Armageddon" with rampant staff-led abuse endorsed by loyal veteran players. This review won't make a difference, but I'm sure someone from Armageddon will take issue with it. It doesn't matter to me, though. I quit the game before the holiday season and don't intend to return. And a lot of people are following me: the game's activity numbers have been down for the past several years while other roleplaying games are growing. The staff turn a blind eye to their own failures and the players assure one another that everything is fine. But everything is not fine. The whole thing is collapsing on top of them and they're too willfully blind to see it for themselves.

Astaria -- Mud Review posted by Yavanius
Review Thread Last Updated Sat 04 Jan 2020 12:32:26 PM MST / 0 comments
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Having started off on the 2nd iteration of the MUD, I've seen the MUD evolve and grow over the years. New areas, new abilities, new gear and items. The Wizards are always working on stuff to enhance the game. Even though the 3rd iteration of the MUD came about some years ago, with all the work that's been done, not just on the top layer but on the engine itself, it essentially is the 4th iteration now even if it hasn't been officially titled so. There are 100s of thousands of rooms on the MUD with hundreds of varying areas to explore, each one with their uniqueness to occupy players. There's things to occupy newbies/lowbies to master characters plus areas are being revamped and added on. Guilds provide a variety of combat choices and difficulties plus you have up to 3 different characters to play among so you can explore different guilds and find one that you gravitate to or just to switch characters for a different gameplay. Everyone's welcome to join on it, no restrictions.

Sindome -- Mud Review posted by Martin Nowicki
Review Thread Last Updated Sat 04 Jan 2020 12:32:26 PM MST / 0 comments
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I could go on and on about how long I've played this game and my rp experience but I think it's suffice to say that I've had more than enough experience with Sindome to give it a fair review, and been an avid RP'er all of my life. There are certainly reasons I've spend a very long time playing the game, and also reasons why that has been very on and off. I'd like to list some below.

Pros: The game has a good bit of features, and though people don't always agree with the direction the changes take artistry related skills, and many others get considerable attention. There are also some that don't, which I will discuss below. Crafting drugs and explosives are at least somewhat well thought out as well.

RP. Simply stated, it is the watchword of the game. I can't emphasise that enough. Though it may come off as a knock it's not meant to be, if you want to be involved in a really cool cyberpunk chatroom then please play. Sometimes however it gets to a point that motives and reasoning are over analyzed in my opinion, and end up overshadowing overarching themes in the cyberpunk genre in favor of what is the way you are "supposed to play" the game.

I'm also aware that Sindome has many functions that support people with imparements, which is a huge plus if you use readers etc.

Cons Pay to pay. Though not manditory it never has good results.

OOC community. These are 2 quotes from previous reviews that I not only totally identify with, but I feel sum up my feelings about this well.

"Come in for the scenery, leave because you dislike toxic people."

"Sindome has some of the best cyberpunk RP and gameplay that I've ever seen in a MU*, but it's wrapped up in a toxic community and toxic staff. "

If you can somehow play the game without being involved in "the community" I can only guarntee it will make your experience expedotentially more enjoyable.

It has been the case for decades. from staff and their friends getting special privlidges, and their digressions covered up, to a multitude of clicky, and obviously mentally deficient people spewing things from hatespeach to career victimization. It always has been a huge issue for the game. There's almost certainly no way it will ever change seeing as how that's been the case since the game's inception. Don't take my word for it, multiple other reviews point out the same issues. While it is extreme I am actually aware of an instance where a player was sexually harassed by another, and once the staff found out the person was allowed to return at least once, but I believe multiple times and continued his harassment until he was finally banned forever. The reason, of course is because he was friends with a top staff member. This is only one example of the systemic problem.

When it comes to game features, while the features get considerable attention many things make little sense. Many games, including other cyberpunk ones have weapons and armor crafting and it is handled and works out very well. Decking, though people obviously want it, has been barely functional since the inception of the game. Thought it is often talked about, and other games have good functioning systems along the same lines, 20 years later it is still all but not a thing. Aeros have been buggy for 10 years. MAYBE if they spent less time on things like makeup and food the more themely stuff would get done, but I doubt it. Quite frankly Cybersphere has more coded features that are more themely and just plain better thought out, not to mention fully functional.

In summary, it's not a horrible game, but many of the participants drag the quality of it from pretty decent to trash quickly. This is inherent in the staff and therefore the playerbase and the game as a whole and will never stop.

Edge of Midnight -- Mud Review posted by GreenBanana
Review Thread Last Updated Sat 04 Jan 2020 12:32:26 PM MST / 3 comments
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A clumsy, empty MUD with some unique features and innovations, but unfortunately it's all soured by the staff head, who insists on prolonging arguments over even the smallest and most polite of disagreements until he or she has the last word. Telling your players to "fuck off" and repeatedly insulting them when they're being nothing but polite is immature beyond even the lowest dredges of Twitter. If you can't handle criticism, if you're corrupted by the power of administrative powers on the flipping Internet of all things, you clearly cannot manage even the slightest bit of stress. To get so unwound is one transgression, but to reason absolution simply because you run a game, or a forum, or a chat server on the Internet, is the product of an unstable individual who needs to seek help. Learn your place in this world, and limit your interactions if you cannot conduct yourself with equitable respect regardless of your position, however valid it may be.

Vella dishonors Adamantine and the others who have recently passed on that developed Edge of Midnight along its venerable history.

Comment posted on Thu 12 Sep 2019 08:57:02 AM MST by Vella:

Ah yes, former staff member. I was wondering when you would post your salty review. I will just bullet point the failures leading to your IMHO worthless review. 1> Tried to "white knight", but was unneeded. The person is still on the mud and doing well :) 2> Tried to challenge their boss, in a non democratic environment, and was warned and then fired. 3> Overvalued themselves, without producing meaningful work, beyond what a player can produce, a factor leading to your dismissal.

And in closing, as far as I can tell your just a drifter that came in a few months ago. You never knew any of the elder staff, if you did, you'd know how silly you sound.

Other then that, thank you for your feedback :)

Comment posted on Sat 14 Sep 2019 12:26:51 PM MST by Vella:

Ah, things are so much more clear now after doing some homework :) You are a former user, who was caught using exploits and causing disruptions to other players. You also have a previous review here, showing you to be a repeat offender, attempting to slander the mud as far back as 6 years ago? You really do like hanging out on a place you hate. It is pretty clear, you can not follow the rules and try and deflect your defaults on everyone and anything, talk about being mentally unstable. Thank you for being so big brained to forget that the internet doesn't.

Comment posted on Sat 21 Dec 2019 02:52:34 AM MST by Anonymous:

This player actually has a valid point. The head admin is a serious problem to the MUD and will likely lead the MUD's burning downfall. She has some serious mental and social problem that need to be worked out, along with a SERIOUS egotistical attitude that should of been corrected/considered way before she was hired. If someone was looking for a serious MUD to consider settling down in, I would probably look elsewhere.

Edge of Midnight -- Mud Review posted by Foxtai
Review Thread Last Updated Sat 04 Jan 2020 12:32:26 PM MST / 6 comments
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I have been a player on EoM for over a decade and I have had fun for those many years, and have made quite a few friends over the decade as well.. but I am not writing this review not as a way of promoting this mud. It is a warning to players who would seek to play on this mud. There is a staffer who is in control of the mud now known as Vella, who has been abusing their power to make my time on there a living hell, accusing me of false crimes and constantly slaying me on the spot for the smallest things, and even things I haven't even done, under the false proclaimation that I was arrogant and disrespectful. She has even went as far as publicly slandering me on the gossip channel for everyone to see, adding on harassment, humiliation, ruining my reputation, and being an absolute control freak. This mud was once fun and offered a free environment for people to have said fun, but Vella has completely ruined it for me and I would not want her to ruin it for anyone else. No matter what I do, she always finds a reason to make my time there absolute punishment.

Any normal person would have likely left by now, but I've been playing on this mud for over a decade.. and I am sure most people know how hard it is to leave a mud that you've been playing on for quite a long time.

Comment posted on Mon 29 Jan 2018 09:34:07 AM MST by Vella:

The user Foxtai, has had trouble with administration in the past *there is a post in 2008 reflecting that* Users encounters with administration are not atypical. Time spent on the mud, is no excuse for poor user behavior. Thank you, Vella - Administrator of Edge Of Midnight.

Comment posted on Tue 30 Jan 2018 02:19:57 PM MST by Foxtai:

Just a quick little update. It seems my review exposing Vella's abusive behavior has earned me a 24 hour ban from the mud, followed by a possible 2 month ban pending from what I have heard. In light of this, I will not be returning to this mud until things turn around for the better, or at least until Vella is removed since she will likely continue this abusive behavior until something is done, as she believes she is above the rules that she was put into place to enforce.

If you do wish to play on this mud, play at your own risk.

Comment posted on Wed 31 Jan 2018 06:18:12 PM MST by Observer:

I would like to start this off by stating, I am not a player on this mud, nor staff. My involvement here, is a result of having my eyes assaulted by having read this. It is my view, that the original post is not a review at all, but a crybaby response to having ran into conflict with the MUDs staff. I feel this is NOT the place for this post, this sounds like an internal matter for EoM to deal with. Your an Adult OP, you need to grow up, and gain some integrity. If you can't do as your told by the owners and operators of a service, don't use it. It's not like you pay for it, or have any right to use it. As pointed out by the staff member, this user seems to have a history *10 years it seems* of conflict with the ownership and staff of this mud. That is the majority of the time they played, I'd say the ownership and operators of this mud have been very accepting if this is the case. The responses I have read from the staff member accused, here on TMC, have been professional, so I really do question the original posts validity. I don't want this to turn into a novel, but in conclusion: I felt this post needed to be critiqued. I don't believe it should be taken seriously by any free thinking adult. Thank you for reading. I won't be reading or responding to comments, I have said what I need, and I am moving on.

Comment posted on Mon 05 Feb 2018 07:02:22 PM MST by Foxtai:

I would like to start out by saying, no.. this is not a crybaby review. Since you do not play on the MUD, you are forgiven for not knowing that Vella is a manipulative liar. I have had -no- history of conflict with the mud over the past 10 years, as my only conflict with the MUD has been only within the past couple of months with that person in specific. In fact, you can look back at my previous reviews of my actually promoting the mud.

''The user Foxtai, has had trouble with administration in the past *there is a post in 2008 reflecting that* Users encounters with administration are not atypical. Time spent on the mud, is no excuse for poor user behavior. Thank you, Vella - Administrator of Edge Of Midnight.''

The only reason I had an issue with administrators (let me point out, that Vella is the only one in charge of the MUD right now, so she believes herself be more than one person apparently) is due to her manipulative behavior and the abusive actions she took towards not seeking a solution. She even caused a few of the people in which I brought to the MUD to leave due to the bullcrap she was doing, even went to the extent of disrespecting my friends whom were trying to figure what she was doing and why she was acting out in that manner. I have laid out everything in my review regarding the reason why I would not be coming back, and why I was banned from the mud. As far as what I can see from what 'review' she left, it's more deceitful garbage. Her behavior is disgusting and amoral. It is regretful that no one holds her accountable for her actions since there is literally no one there to hold her accountable.

I truly hope karma justifiably bites her in the ass.

Comment posted on Fri 09 Feb 2018 10:43:11 PM MST by Nox:

Having been actually online at the time Foxtai had their outburst in a public chat channel in game, I can assure anyone reading this review that Foxtai was exceedingly rude when Vella put the player in a time out for breaking rules. Further more, Vella is not the only staff in game, and the owner of the game has expressed support in Vella's decisions in this matter.

Without getting into details of what actions Foxtai did that resulted in the time out and then ban beyond the public outburst in game, I can say that Foxtai was treated fairly given their behavior. The short of it is if staff tells you to stop some behavior in a game such as this, then you stop the behavior and do not try to argue about it on a public channel.

This game is an adult game and is welcome to many forms of adult entertainments. But it is ultimately owned by an individual who has trusted staff members such as Vella, and if they tell you not to do something then do not do it. The game isn't some dictatorship ran by Vella, but ya if you break the rules Vella will put you in a time out, and if you continue to break the rules Vella may ban you.

So Foxtai, sorry you got banned but ultimately, I've little sympathy for you as you continue to just act out because you were told to stop doing something and you wanted to play the victim.

Comment posted on Sat 21 Dec 2019 03:09:20 AM MST by Will Remain Unknown:

To be fair, Vella has explicitly stated on the public channel that the mud is a dictatorship on many occasions, and her recently actions have given me some time to think about the state of the mud, and I have decided that it would be best to leave before things got worse. What I thought she did against a recent player was extremely outrageous and was defintely unfair, given the situation at the time. I am still a current player on the MUD, but I definitely disagree with what was posted here. And some of those who posted here don't even play on the mud anymore, probably ran off by Vella. Even sitting here listening to what Vella says on global, she has serious issues.. maybe even anger issues, but anyone in her place should not be jerking themselves off on a public channel telling peple who awesome and how she will mess up anyone who messes with her. That is just an immediate red flag for anyone who knows how to run a mud.

Dragonball New Universe -- Mud Review posted by Grahf
Review Thread Last Updated Fri 13 Dec 2019 06:31:24 AM MST / 0 comments
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I love this mud because it has unique styles for races called Archetypes. It means you can be a Goku style saiyan or Vegeta style saiyan. There are several races from the anime and they have different advantages/disadvantages. There are plenty of areas to gain from and immortal ran events such as Trivia and Russian Roulette. One of my favorite parts of the mud are dragonballs you can wish from. Also, the imms are friendlier than the reviews suggest. Personally, when I was mud searching and saw the reviews, I went "no way dude". Then I checked the mud out. The mud is awesome. Right now, the mud is coming out of beta on 1/1/2020. There is a race for most stats and most pl until that time. My favorite race is LSSJ, which you can get randomly on creation or wish for, but I'm tempted to try Rageful Halfbreeds (based off Future Trunks(Super) or Kaioshin-S(aiyan) based off Goku Black. This mud is based off of DBSaga by Warren but there are a lot of improvements and the head coder is usually making 3-4 changes a day. Check the mud out. You might like it as much as I do.

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Mud Connector Top 20 Mud Rankings
1. Aardwolf 4272 votes (1187T/3849H)
2. Sindome 2903 votes (758T/3047H)
3. TorilMud, the Sojourner's Home 2639 votes (446T/1869H)
4. 4 Dimensions 2226 votes (470T/1577H)
5. 3Scapes 1908 votes (522T/1672H)
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16. Geas 913 votes (397T/777H)
17. MozartMud 841 votes (426T/728H)
18. 2016's Eternal Darkness 769 votes (352T/536H)
19. Abandoned Realms 730 votes (435T/1134H)
20. Mordor 721 votes (402T/639H)

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